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Bike or Die for iPhone!

Bike or Die is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch!
Bike or Die in AppStore

The game is basically identical to the Palm version. The main difference is that there are no buttons - everything is touchscreen-controlled.
See YouTube video

iPhone users play the same levels as Palm users and compete in the same Hall of Fame. However, it is not clear yet if the touchscreen control will prove good enough for the real world class champions. There is only one way to find out - play!

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...ah, and if you are going to move from palm to iphone then you will be able to import all your best game into a new device - it is already implemented in the game but apple was too quick with approving BoD and it not yet ready on the server side

There have been long discussions arguing which Palm is best for this game, but eventually you master the controls enough so the hardware is transparent, and you can press buttons without delay. (The Fossil Wrist PDA was an exception, though, because it didn't get a good framerate, and the buttons had to be pressed firmly.)
So the iPhone will work, but even a good player will need a year of practice.
I wonder who will get the first gold on iBoD....
that shouldn't be a question. on the iphone i've already achieved fifth on coal miner rescue..i think it's 5th. its 1:14 already so.. pickle better submit soon. im right on his preservation trail
If the touchscreen controls prove to not be precise enough, there is always hope that the will solve the issue.
mike flips
Im going to buy it if i can steal my sister's iTouch sometime soon
amazing work sz!
pity i havent got an iphone
Hey, already bought it (had it on Zodiac back in the day too) and its fantastic. Touch controls aren't nearly what they would first seem to be, very good. I've had a couple fumbles because of them, but I mean, no more than normal on the iphone itself with doing really anything. Great game, great cusomization. I love it.

One (small) request. Could there be an option to lock the orientation? For instance, option for current state, lock to landscape (whichever one you are in, its not easy to flip this), or lock to one orientation. Its something I think every app should have. I always find that if I'm sitting there and go to say, lie down on the couch or even just move around, it can flip me over. It happens ALL the time in Safari and is a huge pet peeve of mine. I can't go on the net in bed really cause of it (I know, that's a terrible complaint )

Anyways, thanks again for the great game, I hope it sells amazing and gets to top 25!
yeah, icontrolpad seems to be a perfect accessory for BoD! i wonder if it is possible to use it in a regular AppStore application...

option to lock the orientation will be added in the next update (this has been already requested by several people )
wow, looks like we'er going to have alot of the old players come back...maby well get one of the greats like rachmen, or cirinco back...
The touchscreen buttons take a little getting used to but all in all, I'm just as addicted to this version as I was the PalmOS one.

Thank You!
It looks like about 44 new iBikers with online accounts in the 1st 24 hours. The most successful of them seem to have found the later packs where the points come a little easier.

I'm curious to see the 1st post by someone. Will it be a new pickle or...
Sweet, thanks Sz. That's awesome. Not only to have the game here, but also a great dev like yourself entering into the app store. There's so much crap in there current, I hope you stick around to show people how it SHOULD be done.
mike flips
Just bought it for the iTouch. It took me about 20 minutes and now i think I could get top 10 times. Will take another hour or so to get fully used to the controls probably.

Great job SZ, you made it work so seamlessly on the apple devices, now i can consider an iphone
How do I sync user created levels to my iTouch?
theoretically, itouch users don't have a problem of installing user-created levels because they don't have a level editor to create levels
(of course this will change in the future when the level editor is available)

in the meantime it is possible to install levels (and other files) the hard way
1. place the file somewhere the device can read it, for example a website (or a personal web server in your computer if you can handle it)
2. assuming the URL is "http ://"
3. open the mobile safari and navigate to the address, inserting "bikeordie:install:" at the very begining, i.e. "bikeordie:install:http ://"
4. safari tells BoD to download and install the file. done!
You can use Kris's FreeFile site for this
Read the reviews on the iTunes store, entertaining to see. Can tell who is old school coming back and who the new gamers are... Strange post from some iPMD guy, wonder who that was...

I'll be back on first of the month, I'm excited!

Thanks SZ!
Oh my God! I don't use my palm anymore and I haven't played BoD in quite a while, but it's one of my favorite games and I always love to see what's been added so I check the site every once in a while. Seeing that it got ported to the iPhone made me so excited that I bought it right away and it's great!

I never upgraded to 2.0 on my palm so it's awesome to see the new stuff. The new graphics are great (I did turn off 3D, but the textures look really nice). I was wondering if there was an option for the old bike/rider though? I kind of miss that old stick figure.
Never mind, I just found the bike menu. I guess it pays to try a little harder before asking a question on the internet. :p
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