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Bike or Die for iPhone!

Bike or Die is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch!
Bike or Die in AppStore

The game is basically identical to the Palm version. The main difference is that there are no buttons - everything is touchscreen-controlled.
See YouTube video

iPhone users play the same levels as Palm users and compete in the same Hall of Fame. However, it is not clear yet if the touchscreen control will prove good enough for the real world class champions. There is only one way to find out - play!

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Welcome back, Ackmondual.

Spence: Quit bragging. We aren't all as naturally gifted at virtual biking as one of the all-time greats".

Vega: I always love seeing posts by you.

Pickle: I'm not sure how else to interpret "spence, this is why Vega is conidered one of the best players of all time and you are not". I secretly love to see your posts, too. You never cease to amaze me.

I used to keep up with my stats, until my Treo crashed and I lost them. Now I'm on an iPhone with reset stats. Either way, I have enjoyed/wasted LOTS of time on this game over the past 2 yrs.
Spence: The truth is being accomplished at something like an electronic game that only requires time that could be spent productively elsewhere is an accomplishment only if the time was intended to be wasted.

Vega: You probably have the playstyle where you restart the moment something goes wrong. (im guessig that is) which could be why you have thousands of attempts.

Pickle: Can you ever really talk smack on this forun again until you submit that huge submit thats supposedly going to put you into the top 10? i think not!

good talking to you all again

please take my comments with humor intended
What else is this game about Brian?
Actually I checked. Many of my golds did take near 8000. Go figure...
Just to weigh in- some of my golds took around 5000 tries or slightly more, but I think the one that stands out the most is CMR, with over 9000 (no, seriously ).

I don't think that it's always how many tries you play on one single level, but how many tries you've played in total on all of the levels. In other words, some "skills" that you practiced on one level can get you a gold on another one.

That's why, IMHO, Vega spends so many tries on single levels, just because he hasn't played all of them as extensively.

I'm not saying that one is a better strategy than the other, and I also can't tell you my total tries, as I've gone through around 4 palm with many, many resets since I started playing.

Brian, spence hasnt accomplished nearly what vega has, or laser or obviously mike(altho nobody has accomplished that last one) yes he has some great times on single levels, but he never has dominated the scores in more than 2 packs at once if I remember correctly. Vega held gold on all 4 of the packs he plays for quite a while before he stopped actively playing. That is why I consider Vega, Laser, and people who really have dominated the stats "greats" as apposed to spence whom I consider "good". I consider myself...Lazy

Bones, I always can talk smack That is what makes me Mr.Pickle isnt it? (Yall know you would miss me if I left)

And on Vega, if I remember correctly(I quite possibly do not) he plays levels until the moment he dies, as apposed to using the restart button. But yes he has that many tries becuase he played as much of the rest of us back in the day, accept only on those 4 level packs so it is obvious that he will have a higher try count per level than any of us do.
Pickle, I don't work on TCC anymore. I realized that no matter how good my rank gets, eventually it will be taken down. Medals are just more fun for me. Of course I don't really play but once in a while now anyways so it doesn't matter.

I think that's part of the issue- no one cares about the old levels anymore, so that's all that's worth going for.

On the other hand, since new packs (although I'm not sure if this will happen again) came out, everyone in TTC keeps getting pushed down making that "accomplishment" worth less.

Also, as I'll keep pointing out, Mike has "sort of" taken ownership of the gold spot. I couldn't even imagine what new players think when they see that. Single level golds are a lot easier to get.
I'm not really going to stick around in this discussion but i'd like to point out that lasewr basically called CMR Over 9000 such lulz.
I noticed as I was writing it- I think it was the highlight of this discussion.
Well in the spirit of this thread, I have decided to open all my golds. Enjoy
I know you can download your best times, but is there a way to get them on your iphone?
Download them by using safari on the phone to access your profile and download your best times. When it starts to download, it will automagically open BoD and add those runs to it.
no comments for 4 days, this forum is really dead
i wish it wasnt...
I realize that what I'm about to say is pretty deep, but I think it may be the solution to our dead forum...

In order to have comments on the forum, we have to post them.

Politics anyone?
we all basically pop in just to see if there are any new level packs, or interesting open games to watch eh?
Jings BB - you should know better than to attempt to bring in Politics...
Would be interesting to see the "traffic" stats for the site, rather than just the forum though - I expect that the site is actually still quite "busy"
Ha, the last time I brought up politics, there were 187 comments! Some of them were pages in length.

I agree with you that lots of people visit the site regularly but don't leave comments.

A new levelpack sounds great. It's been a year since Winter pack came out.
I'm also here for sure every day. But without new levels/routes or a random discussion board (like politics), there is nothing to comment on.
I too check in almost every day hoping to find a new level pack for inspiration. A nice big pack of new levels would work wonders for sure...Sz may surprise us, and his levels are always fantastic. Are you listening Sz???
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