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Sz, is there a way you'll be interested in developing a BoD version for iPhone? Using the features like accelerometer would be great for controlling the bike. I know the platform is very new, but it's great (I just got mine). Let me know what you think.

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There is a programming kit called NS BASIC which produces programs for Windows, Palm, Win mobile, Apple Newton etc. and they are going to make a version for iPhone. This is basically a layer of StyleTap beneath a direct adaptation of NS BASIC for Palm. If you talk to StyleTap they might be able to do something.

I really think that iPhone, WinMobile are the two platforms that BoD should hit next. There aren't many upgrade options from a 680, which I have for next time I replace. I would like to see BoD on different platforms, but it's up to Sz. If he wants to stay loyal to Palm, that's his decision.
BoD is written in CodeWarrior (C or C++) and relies HEAVILY on ARMlets so I don't think styletap is an option (at least for BoD2)...
"Using the features like accelerometer would be great for controlling the bike."

No, it wouldn't be, trust me... BoD needs digital control. With the iControlPad ( it might work well on the iPhone, though.
Because my Zodiac is retired ( ) and I'm waiting for a PC or Linux handheld (Pandora/GP2X) version...
...lame well do you have a pc? cause if so apparently there are palm generators out there so you could play
I already tried to send him one, IIRC....or was that just Gus and you....
Palm emulator, now there's an idea... Any links?
I'll PM you the version im making for Gus when i get a chance .
this could get awesome with OrR back!
That would be fun.....
Well many games use in game touch controls in iPhone and they work well, I was suggesting the accelerometer because it's fun and works well IMO.
Hi OrR.
this is how it looks right now:

as you can see it is almost identical to the palm version, except for the on-screen buttons and different font.
there are 2 side effects of the new OpenGL rendering routines:
  • bitmaps look better (more smooth)
  • it was very easy to implement a new silly trick: rotating the whole world instead of the bike (look at 0:33). of course it is pretty useless (and confusing) but it looks nice (especially when watching a prerecorded game)
    as for the buttons: anyone coming from the palm world (like me ) assumes that there is no way to play without the real hardware buttons. fortunately it is not that bad. the iphone touch screen works differently. it is not ideal, but the game is playable.
    OrR is right on accelerometer issue. i tried using it to control BoD, but it is a disaster. games with analog control work fine because there is an immediate response for each slight movement. in BoD we have those on/off ("digital") controls and there is no natural feedback on how much tilt is required to trigger the specific action. i tried adding the artificial feedback indicator, which helped a lot (and i was able to complete a level finally ) but it was still a nightmare. this game just needs buttons
  • Xuzz
    you know that there is an iPhone version, you need to fix the menu for us palm folks .

    Looks great though and now I can get a iPod touch!

    !!!!! !!!!!
    Totally sweet SZ. Just what I would have expected from you.

    Any Estimated Time it will appear on the AppStore?

    it's hard to tell the date, the game is almost ready but even if managed to fix the last remaining bugs today, it must be then reviewed by apple before appearing on the AppStore and i'm pretty sure they will find something to correct - this is my first iphone application...
    Damnit - that's one less reason not to get an itouch.
    I went into the Mac shop and fiddled wit hone for ages yesterday, and now I'm in love...
    the only reason I'm looking though, is because Creative won't produce Vista drivers for my old Creative Zen Xtra
    what will you sell it for? - I'm telling you, that this WILL make you a stack of money - and also bring some more creative track-designers to the crowd here - it's ALL GOOD!
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