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Head to Head

This feature allows you to replay two recordings simultaneously.
It looks like two player were chasing one another in a direct race. This is not only amusing, you can also utilise this feature to improve your skills by finding places where your competitors outrun you.

Here is how use it:

1. Go to the Hall of Fame listing for a level, or "Games on-line" in the player's profile

2. Click "Head to Head" in Tools (upper right corner)

3. Select two public recordings using checkboxes

4. Click "Show Head to Head"

Note: You can navigate between pages while selecting the recordings (in step 3), and also between Hall of Fame and games on-line.

And here is the "Head to Head" example

Finally! I tried clicking that link before (as early as yesterday night), only to get a Java error on my browser's status bar. Nice to see it in action now.

Already an improvement suggestion......
Allow users to display their own secret games vs others' public h2h games. You could always toggle your game to public, then change it back to private after you're done, but as is users can alr view their own private games solo. May as well have the consistency and convenience there too.
I don't see any checkboxes when I choose Head to Head in online games section. It works fine in the HoF listings though. Am I missing something
I'm using IE6 browser if that helps.
I can do that from my home computer but not at the office. I think it's the browser. Firefox at home. Explorer at office.

Just copy and paste the game numbers into the browser Shane. It will work that way.
IE is reporting errors from the Games Online section. I don't see a debugger built into IE 7, but it's probably just a small error since it works with Firefox.
How about supporting Three bikes in head-2-head, just for fun...
3 bikes would be sweet Ibanez. I would love to have that option.

I still am waiting for a response from everyone (or at least Sz) on my comment about giving the owner of the replay the option of whether or not it can be run in H2H comp. I would gladly open several more games if the H2H feature wasn't there. Just as Sz figured that having the braking and acceleration movements info displayed on the screen might be too much info for competitors, I often believe that H2H is too revealing.
Yeah.. that sounds fine with me, head to head with 3 bikes. , but maybe it is hard to concentrate while seeing it

I also agree that the braking and accelerating should not displayed on the open games, but it is good if Sz add the time on the open movie such as we can see the time in the replay on our gadget.
mike flips
that would be fun to watch. And yes Henoch, the time on all replays not just H2H would be pretty useful for people. I remember when I used to try and improve my slower times i had my watch out and i was trying to count how long it took the faster times to get to certain points in the level
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