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"Arcade Reality" released!

Finally, the game is ready!
Let's celebrate - I'm going to give away 10 free registration codes for the top 10 "Bike or Die!" players (you will receive the instructions in private messages).

But there is more: "Arcade Reality" contains a hidden "Bike or Die"-related game. The first person who discovers how to enable this game will get another free registration. We all love "easter eggs", don't we?
(i'm announcing this "competition" only on this forum - it is meant for active "BoD" players)

Arcade Reality Homepage

I waited for a long time.
Thanks Sz , It's best Saint Valentine's Day gift for me
Z72s but use don't become, very pitiful !!

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Couldn't access the video stream.
mike flips
WOW the game is amazing much better than i anticipated.

I was sitting in my chair, and i was spinning in circles looking for the aliens Good job Sz on an amazing game.
Wow, two games in one!! I'm sure my dad will like this game, since he has the Treo.
what about top tenners that dont have treo sz?? sucks for them i guess. well, the bod attachment looks like it is cool. just when someone discovers it let me know if you ride around with it or if you shot into it as a target.
Zoso: yes, this is exactly the same behavior like when we tried (with Kristopher) enabling live view for video jigsaw

bones: of course the winners can give their registration codes to someone else (or buy a treo )
Found the Easter Egg. While playing an Arcade Reality game, type 'bike' then enter and it unlocks the game (Save the Bike) where you protect the biker.
Very Cool game SZ. You always over deliver. I am very impressed. I think my kids will love this one.
PMD - congratulations!
so you now have 2 free codes

and this is how it looks:

I finally saw it in action!! It is amazing!!!
SZ you can for Z72 do a special version ?
This game was too cool !
The first photograph lets me remind of NBC HEROES
Ising not a HEROES should be 4400
Sz, I just want to ask a silly question. Where should i install the game, on the ram or external card??
By the way, anybody at top ten BoD want to donate his registration code to me??
it can work from both internal memory and card - no difference (except for a sligtly longer startup time)

zoso: see my explanation regarding zire in this thread  Coming Soon: Arcade Reality
Truly amazing game - Presentation, gameplay, everything... incredible.
Make sure you're standing somewhere safe when you get started. I won't be playing this one on the bus
Sz, I hope this does well for you and it surely will. Thanks for the freebie
Rock Rider
I was absolutely amazed when I played the demo for the first time. GREAT JOB Sz! I bought a Nintendo Wii recently, AR reminds me a lot of that type of interactive game-play.

Everyone I've showed so far is equally amazed, I'm sure this game will make it big!
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