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Andrew A's game on Vertical Avenue PMD
Very kind of you. I never quite got used to playing on the iPhone otherwise, I'd have stayed with it longer for sure (at least until the app stopped working on the iPhone).

Brilliant game actually. Too bad SZ isn't around making it work on the iPhone. At least he is still hosting the site though with the forum. That is great of him to do actually since I doubt he's getting any residual sales from the game.

I still love seeing a great run, so I keep this as a pinned tab in my browser and check it every so often.

Keep at it!
Vin's game on Vertical Avenue Andrew A
Very prescient Vega!
Vin's game on Vertical Avenue Vega
golly gee willickers. thanks AA!

almost as if I ka-no what I'm talkin bout
Andrew A's game on Vertical Avenue Vega
Smalls vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Not a lot in it at the end - could have gone either way..

Maybe I can take this.
Smalls vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Obviously not a lot in it (3 frames), duh - what I meant was, it's nip and tuck to the end.

I had thought that the route I (and the huge majority) use is self evidently quicker, but not quite so sure now.

Pros and cons both ways.

I suppose I should pursue this gold now, if I'm going to, but Mike is in my sights (packwise), and there's easier pickings elsewhere...

Otoh - Vega is being reeled in from over the horizon - so maybe stick with the plan?

Hmm. I wonder if anyone has any advice?

Smalls vs. Andrew A Vega
There's a reason this level includes "Serpent" in its name. It's because this level is of the devil himself. The evil one. Satan. Lucifer.

Curse this map
Confessions of A BOD-aholic for life Mr.pickle.
Good grief there are people still on here. Someone mail me an ancient device that can play this game...

Seriously though, if I were to buy whatever system would be needed either an old ipod touch or a even older Palm device off of Amazon/ebay or something would there be a way to install the game?
Confessions of A BOD-aholic for life Vega
pickle it's just Andrew and myself now. Kamirashi came back too for like 11 minutes.

I think you'll need to contact Biker Brian if you want to play.

Sz doesn't keep up with BoD anymore. I am trying to find a way to buy the whole game from him but have not had success yet.

I just don't want this BoD site to disappear into oblivion.
Vega's game on The Well Vega
From #8 to Silver!
Andrew A vs. Vega Vega
Incredible how close 16 frames appears to be.

Vega's game on Hellraider Vega
Moved from 22.58 to 22.32 but did not advance in the ranks at all. A bit painful to sit just 2 frames behind 2 more players.

I think a new gold here is very possible but I just dont feel passionate about putting in the work on this map.
Smalls vs. Andrew A Andrew A
I've been about half a bike length ahead of my bike at the bottom, a good few times, but snapped it on the compression curve or otherwise messed it up

Just have to stick with it I guess.

Or manfully give up and run away..
Andrew A's game on Clay Serpent Andrew A

This is definitely (imo) the quickest route.

Smalls gets a blinding (and almost unrepeatable) brake and run up the last hill in his run. My finish is very cagey by comparison - fed up with dying..

Another 0.2+ sec to be had.

Takes me to 60 Golds.

Going to have a celebratory cup of tea - with a generous dash of added Smug..
Andrew A vs. Vega Andrew A
Nonsense! Huge gap! Never in doubt!!

(Feeling a bit full of myself atm..)
Vega's game on The Well Andrew A
Very nice run!

Looks pretty easy and almost self playing in the replay - if only, ehh?
Andrew A's game on Clay Serpent Vega
Broke into 31.xx! Your gold is won between 25-28.xx on the descent from the right wall to the floor.

It is the trickiest area of the whole map because you have to shift the momentum juusssssst right without losing too much speed in preparation for the climb back to the flag.

Very nicely done!
Andrew A's game on Downhill Madness Andrew A
A completely new route. Nothing remotely like any other route.

Not even a bit

All will be revealed later.
Andrew A's game on Downhill Madness Andrew A
I guess I proved myself correct!

Time for more Smug Tea methinks
Andrew A's game on Downhill Madness Vega
Whaaaaaaatttttttt?? How on earth did you do this?!!!!
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