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Andrew A's game on Downhill Madness Andrew A
There's a Falcon 1 rocket booster pack hidden in the little hut at the top.
Andrew A's game on Big Cheese Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Downhill Madness Champ
Yoooooo GG well played.
Confessions of A BOD-aholic for life Champ
Brute force authentication

Nice to hear from you Mr. Pickle.

I would literally cry if bike.toyspring went offline.
Champ's game on Speed Bump Champ
Champ's game on Speed Bump Andrew A
Lovely - Spot on!

Looks so straightforward here, it really MUST be far easier than the rest of us managed to make it seem, surely?

Champ's game on Speed Bump Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Touch Bricks Andrew A
One of my most deeply disliked levels - as was!

Once I finally bit the bullet and took the time to actually find a way to get a relatively consistent beginning, the annoyance factor diminished (somewhat).

The ending is still far too stupidly random, but a bit less so with some hard acquired strategies to follow (necessarily too vague to be called moves or techniques). There is a modicum of control now, as opposed to non - blind luck!

I feel that Gold here is a real possibility, but my change of heart is not so radical that I want to play this level again. Ever (probably).

Just plain tea for this one.
Andrew A's game on Touch Bricks Champ
Very very well played. Super clean.
I always hated this level too ^^'
Champ's game on Wishbone Andrew A
Very nice run - smooooth!

Shame it's one of my Golds that has bitten the dust though!

Once I've finished working my way through Standard Levels (and gone back to polish some I've rushed through a bit, or bypassed), I will be free to pursue Golds wherever, which will be nice.

When did you move to the UK mate?
Champ's game on Wishbone Champ
Sorries D:

My next Gold won't be yours- I promise.

Good luck on Standard 15 more points until you have the Gold Trophy!!!! It will be a momentous day.

I changed my country because I do not represent the US anymore.
UK is placed in second in 'Medals by Country' so I figured I'd help push the US to second place.
Andrew A's game on U Jump Andrew A
Funny - three runs previous to this one I managed a 20.20 - one frame short of improving my 4th spot (slightly mistimed the ending). Very disappointed and nearly threw in the towel. Glad I didn't!
Total Race Andrew A
Just noticed Sz's time on total race :-


Not his real time, obviously, so I think it must be his birthday.

Which means he will be 30 on the 30th of this month (if I'm right)!

Perhaps if we throw a big party in his honor he might drop by...
Total Race Andrew A
Actually - he's the last one on 16 level packs and most of his times are really slow (deliberately, I think), so it may be his real time after all.

I would like to think it's an Easter Egg, but he would have been very young when he put this game together - thinking about it now.

Ahh well..
Total Race Champ
Count me in! My alarm is set for November 30th. I'll be in the chat room.

Come back, Sz. You are loved very much.
Andrew A's game on U Jump Champ
Absolutely fantastic! Well played.
Andrew A's game on Spike Cave Andrew A
Not a spectacular run, but enough to take me to 1st in Standard Levels with 5 levels still to go - 2 of those with rich pickings points wise

Remains to be seen if Vega has been squirreling away a bunch of points to come back with.

Ehh, Vega?
Andrew A's game on Spike Cave Champ
Simply momentous. Congratulations, Andrew.

You and Vega have me on the edge of my seat!
*grabs popcorn*
Andrew A's game on Spike Cave Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Spike Cave Vega
You guys are funny. If I was squirreling away points, I'd have stymied you from reaching Gold in Standard. Truth is that I am really speaking (er uh... typing) the truth when I say I just don't have the time to play this silly game. Maybe one day I will get an old itouch of whatever. But then I would also have to become hog-nasty rich so I could quit my job to have enough time to play a totally defunct, totally abandoned game. Sigh. (Sz? Sz? Are you there?)

Until then, you're the true champ my friend.
Royal flush of Gold. You deserve it, mate.

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