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Head to Head

(United States, Madison)  Smalls
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Time: 0:32,06
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Open...I guess it was about time...almost 8 years later. Sorry it took so long!
 Andrew A (United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire)
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Time: 0:32,12
Level 12 - Clay Serpent

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Andrew A
Not a lot in it at the end - could have gone either way..

Maybe I can take this.
Andrew A
Obviously not a lot in it (3 frames), duh - what I meant was, it's nip and tuck to the end.

I had thought that the route I (and the huge majority) use is self evidently quicker, but not quite so sure now.

Pros and cons both ways.

I suppose I should pursue this gold now, if I'm going to, but Mike is in my sights (packwise), and there's easier pickings elsewhere...

Otoh - Vega is being reeled in from over the horizon - so maybe stick with the plan?

Hmm. I wonder if anyone has any advice?

There's a reason this level includes "Serpent" in its name. It's because this level is of the devil himself. The evil one. Satan. Lucifer.

Curse this map
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