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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
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Level 8 - Vertical Avenue

Time: 0:28,42 (Completed)


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I did that trick first in Dec 2005 (almost 13 years ago). You pretty much did it to perfection here. Here's the original that I posted as a freestyle.

 PMD on Vertical Avenue

It took about 2 hours for someone to make gold out of it. It took me a while to actually get it back. If I kept it private, I wonder how long it would have lasted?

Nice run!
Andrew A
Hi PMD - been a veeerry long time, ehh?

Didn't know it was your route. Well found! Kudos!! - in massive retrospect But as you know - it would have been just a matter of time. Would have upped your Alpha Male sheen more than a tad back then, though - if you'd gone all Mike F, for a while..

This is a pretty good run (been quicker to the final wall, and Laser is ahead of me there - on this run) with a damn good ending!

I'd like to say that it was all planned, and I did notice early on that hitting the last wall low gave a greater chance of a "splurge" up the steps.

More than that I cannot claim..

Not played for a few months, just too busy - but that old itch..

There is no rational reason to play this game now, but that could be said of all games. Except for the pleasure (sometimes!) it brings.

I'd almost forgotten.

Was wondering if anyone would even notice

Cheers Bud.

Very kind of you. I never quite got used to playing on the iPhone otherwise, I'd have stayed with it longer for sure (at least until the app stopped working on the iPhone).

Brilliant game actually. Too bad SZ isn't around making it work on the iPhone. At least he is still hosting the site though with the forum. That is great of him to do actually since I doubt he's getting any residual sales from the game.

I still love seeing a great run, so I keep this as a pinned tab in my browser and check it every so often.

Keep at it!
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