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15 Years On Bike! time goes by so fast wow
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Champ's game on Cave Dweller BikerBrian
Hello BoD friends! I saw my BoD bookmark this morning and decided to check if anything new was happening. Boy, was I surprised! I've been watching some amazing runs and reading forum comments for at least 30 mins.

Andrew, you are killing it! Congrats on taking over the number 1 spot in Standard. Definitely the toughest pack to own.

Great to see Th Champ, Vega, Kenn and Mr. Pickle on here as well!

Speaking of Cave Dweller and Die or Die, I did love the long levels.
Champ's game on Cave Dweller bones
I also creep from time to time :p
MacKo's game on Bike O'Clock Andrew A

Just wow.. (and sneaky ).

Was fiddling with this level and took a whole frame off my time! Couldn't remember where I was, so took a look.

Don't think I'll bother posting an update
Champ's game on Cave Dweller Champ
My brothas from anotha mothas! Great to see y'all again.
Golden Club Champ
Nice to see you, Kenn! This game has impacted our lives greatly. It's fantastic you have a love for physics and are now teaching! How magnificent. Give your students a copy of Palm Emulation with Bike or Die.prc We would love to see you in the race again!
Time Trial Champions Vega
Wow. BoD is back online! Long blackout there. I thought we done lost the game!!!!
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
I was really worried when it wouldn't load! I thought the same thing, Vega. I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked the link yesterday and it loaded.
Time Trial Champions Laser
Biker's Cafe Carl China
15 Years On Bike!
time goes by so fast wow
15 Years On Bike! PMD
My first game was posted July 16 2005. Wow, it has been a long time! I probably started playing around the first of July 2005. Great times! Lots of good times in this community. Newcomers who took the game by storm (Kenn), players who dominated the game during their run (mike flips, BikerBrian, Andrew A), players who got ganged up on (Cirenco), players who were just good dudes (Kristopher, bones, (Th)Champ, Lee, Shane, Mr Floss), players who were competing before they could spell (Mr. Pickle), players who were the silent type (Carl China--thanks for the 15 year post), players who actually encouraged me and showed me that I could compete (Vin and Louis), players before me that put up times that gave us all something to go for (PrayeR, Tabs, You Qi, David King, Oliver, rachman!, Ruben), players who refused to play every level (Vega), players that were fierce competitors (Laser), players that I learned a slight connection with (Tyler and Smalls), players who made other sites (Casey and Kristopher), players who were just consistent (Lee), and the rest of you that I have enjoyed going back and forth with on the forum (sorry if I missed anyone). Last and certainly not least, SZ who made an amazing game!!! Thanks for keeping the forum alive for all these years even without a working iPhone game and with Palm long gone! Hope you still visit every once in a while. Thanks for all the years...!
15 Years On Bike! BikerBrian
Excellent post, PMD! I'm proud to have been mentioned. I've spent countless hours with this game and chatting with you guys on the forum since my first uploaded run on Jan 8, 2008. I've owned every console game made, but never spent more time on a single game than on BoD. There is still nothing like it IMO. I will continue checking in from time to time. All the best to everyone!
15 Years On Bike! Laser
I'm a fierce competitor!

15 Years On Bike! PMD
You could say you are 'Laser Focused'.
15 Years On Bike! Laser
Love it
15 Years On Bike! Spence
Well well, didn't expect this website to still be up and running, let alone to see familiar faces still here reminiscing! A series of strange coincidences today led me back here but here I am. Can't believe it's been so long since I first downloaded this game back at the end of 2005 (6th grade I think?)... crazy its been almost 14 years for me. You guys were always fun to talk to and compete with.
15 Years On Bike! bones
13 years for me. I live in Kansas City and if anyone is ever traveling this way I would love to meet an old internet buddy in person. I encourage anyone willing to add me on Facebook (Adam Imber).

This game was a great community and while I won't list everyone out as beautifully as PMD did I will list two things I remember to this day.

Mr. Pickle - oh how we went back and forth lol. And yet, what a good guy. Pickle and I are friends on facebook, and I've seen a while back that he got married and I believe recently had a child and it brings me nothing but genuine happiness to see such things from people who I barely knew, but yet felt so close to.

On the other side I feel so connected can be devastating. Henoch once told me his hometown and how it flooded and since then I've read story of how it was hit by another huge flood and I saw the damage online and all I could do was hope he was okay. I'll likely never know, but these connections really do stay with you.
15 Years On Bike! FEL!PE FM
got back after almost 6 years, hello guys.
Since the game stop working on iphone I never played again. Just have an idea, why cant we just raise funds (all together, like kickstarter) to help SZ update the game again.? I miss this game.
We need to know how much money is necessary and how many of you would help, so we can calculate. Dont know, just an idea.
15 Years On Bike! PMD
I'd be on board for contributing. I guess we would need a willing SZ.
15 Years On Bike! thedudeguy
Wow loading this up on a whim, can't believe the Bike or Die community still kicking! SZ stopped working on it just before the level editor was done for iOS (I had played around with an early beta - it was amazing to not have to use the palm emulator!). Also game for contributing funds to help development costs, but if SZ would rather I'd be happy to get my hands dirty and port the code myself too - more than a decade later I've ended up as a software engineer
Andrew A's game on Sleeps With The Fishes Andrew A
Dug aout the old iPod on a whim and had a pop at this.

Didn't like being in the teens...

Amazed this is still going and folk leaving comments after all this time!

A belated HNY to all and everyone who might drop by
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