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Andrew A's game on Sleeps With The Fishes Andrew A

First medal in a looong time
15 Years On Bike! Andrew A
The idea of updating the game on this - and porting to other platforms, has been mooted and knocked around on a few occasions of course. Most recently by Vega a year otr two ago. He was wanting to take the whole shebang over and get it re-coded and re-released.

I think he tried to contact Sz about it without success. Seems to me Sz keeps this here as a sort of long standing monument to important times of pretty intense camaraderie and competition in a few peoples lives - on the one hand (which is pretty rare and rather lovely, given the ephemeral nature of most things digital) - and out of courtesy to those of us pesky and annoying enough to keep playing or dropping by and commenting - on the other

I really don't see him having a change of heart and deciding to resurrect the game himself, or allowing anyone else to touch the hallowed code - however expertly and respectfully that was done.

I would love to be proved wrong on this though!
15 Years On Bike! FEL!PE FM
Hello Andrew

Where do you play the game.? I havent play since it was discontinued on iOS.
15 Years On Bike! Andrew A
Hi Felipe,

Long time since I last saw you on here!

In answer to your question :-

I play on an iPod Touch 3rd Gen (I think it is). Anything later is very flaky in terms of running the code. If that's what you were asking.

Or - I'm based in the U.K. - if that's what you mean
Andrew A's game on Omaha Beach Andrew A
Decided to give this another go. I really don't like having a run in the teens! I might spend a little time now and then trying to get all my runs into single digit placings - except Bottle of course..
Andrew A's game on Omaha Beach Andrew A
My finger slipped off the drive button at the end or I would probably have had Silver
Andrew A's game on Omaha Beach Andrew A
Fastest viewable!

Forgotten how nice it feels getting Gold
Andrew A's game on Big Cheese Andrew A
Open - didn't realise it was secret
Andrew A's game on Downhill Madness Andrew A
Forgot to open this as well.
Champ's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Champ
02:02 02/02/2020
Andrew A's game on Downhill Madness Champ
Andrew A's game on Sleeps With The Fishes Champ
The plowing jump on the third fish was gorgeous! Phenomenal job as always, Andrew.
15 Years On Bike! Champ
Thanks for the post, Carl. Glad to see you here

Bike or Die will live the test of time.

It's wonderful to see veterans check in! Out of every gaming community I have been a part of, the Bike or Die brethren has been the kindest. Encouraging healthy competition. Never discriminating on age or spelling (shouts out to Mr. Pickle!!!)

Thank you, Sz, for creating a second home for us digital bicyclists. For bringing together the most incredible people from around the world. Thank you for continuing to host the Bike or Die server.

Another thank you to all of you beautiful bikers. There are too many good fellas to mention. You all have helped to sustain the legend of Bike or Die with your talents, creativity, and ambition.

Spence- you are baffling in the comp! Holding the Steps gold alone makes YOU the champ. Always slaying it on those alternate routes.

Laser- your skills are terrifying! Not only are you fierce competition, but a great level creator. So many routes on LaserTag! Thanks again for the years of comp.

PMD!!!!! This will be your 15th Anniversary on Bike or Die. It is great to have known you for so long! "Known". What does the acronym stand for???

FEL!PE~ I haven't had much contact with you, but appreciate you coming back to the game. Maybe we can figure out a way we can get back to playing.

thedudeguy! Welcome back! It has been forever! Good for you for becoming a software engineer! Let's work on BoD 3.0

I know the members of BoD would love a 3.0. If not even 3.0, a port. If y'all are looking to develop, I would gladly contribute. My main profession is audio engineering. I can do some programming as well.

These days I've been researching software for game production. Unreal Engine and Godot have been my final choices. Godot has a more permissive license. They also just received a mini-grant from Epic.

Revitalizing Bike or Die would be a dream come true. There are obstacles to it.

Sadly the digital Palm stores are offline. I can't find a way to purchase Bike or Die again. I synced my Treo today.... and it deactivated my BoD app. What a sad day. Anyone know how to run scripts on Palm OS? Or know of a website that still sells valid codes?
Champ's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
Very well done that man! Excellent run buddy!!

Sad to hear about your Treo - I can't help on that front sorry to say, as I haven't used a Palm device in many years.

Actually, thinking about it, I do still have that Sony Clie NX73 somewhere that I told you about ages ago. I think it might even have a copy of BoD on it. I'll dig it out and check if it still works - it's yours if of any use? the button layout isn't optimal as best I remember, though I never really gave it a go, but I did have an add on plug in game controller for it, though where it might be... (a bit like a mini Nintendo controller I think - never even tried it).

Will let you know.

Great to hear from you - was wondering..
Champ's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 BikerBrian
Fantastic run, Champ! You, Andrew, and me were neck and neck in the first layer. You shot through the first portal like you had a jetpack. If I had a way to play again, I would give this level another try!

Thanks for opening!
Andrew A's game on Omaha Beach BikerBrian
Beautiful, smooth run! I remember this level driving me crazy. It is so easy for your back wheel to get stuck on one of the four x's and having enough momentum to get over the last wall and up the hill is tricky too. Good job!
Andrew A's game on Downhill Madness BikerBrian
Looks like you applied gas in the backwards position to slow down just enough before the big leap. Cool innovation!
Andrew A's game on Clay Serpent Smalls
Well played! If I ever get back into this, I'll have to try using the brake again. Nice work!
Smalls's game on Catapult Back Smalls
Andrew A's game on Inside Building Andrew A
Sub 36..

Took a while - nearly gave up on this level.
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