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United Kingdom
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Super fun level. Colors are an eyesore
Level 7 - Cave Dweller

Time: 1:55,74 (Completed)



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Andrew A
Ha - very well done!

You pipped me on this one

BB and Kam had a real back and forth ding dong going, on this level, and I decided to stay well out of it.. Kam burned himself out actually, and didn't ever really get back into the game properly again (yet?).

I did enough for Bronze and moved on (different agenda) - but obviously not quite enough

Best of luck if you're going to try for higher!

I did get involved in a similar battle with BB on Die or Die! - where I finally prevailed - but only because BB had finally managed to kick the habit by then....

Tough competitor that BB. Don't know when he's beat, and just won't bloody well stay down!

I do miss him..
BB come back! You can blame it all on me!
Hello BoD friends! I saw my BoD bookmark this morning and decided to check if anything new was happening. Boy, was I surprised! I've been watching some amazing runs and reading forum comments for at least 30 mins.

Andrew, you are killing it! Congrats on taking over the number 1 spot in Standard. Definitely the toughest pack to own.

Great to see Th Champ, Vega, Kenn and Mr. Pickle on here as well!

Speaking of Cave Dweller and Die or Die, I did love the long levels.
I also creep from time to time :p
My brothas from anotha mothas! Great to see y'all again.
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