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United Kingdom
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Super fun level. Colors are an eyesore
Level 7 - Cave Dweller

Time: 1:55,74 (Completed)



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Andrew A
Ha - very well done!

You pipped me on this one

BB and Kam had a real back and forth ding dong going, on this level, and I decided to stay well out of it.. Kam burned himself out actually, and didn't ever really get back into the game properly again (yet?).

I did enough for Bronze and moved on (different agenda) - but obviously not quite enough

Best of luck if you're going to try for higher!

I did get involved in a similar battle with BB on Die or Die! - where I finally prevailed - but only because BB had finally managed to kick the habit by then....

Tough competitor that BB. Don't know when he's beat, and just won't bloody well stay down!

I do miss him..
BB come back! You can blame it all on me!
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