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Summer Pack
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#1 Andrew A1777 pts
#2 BikerBrian1711 pts
(66 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 PMD1695 pts
(16 pts behind BikerBrian)
#4 mike flips1687 pts
(8 pts behind PMD)
#5 Vega1659 pts
(28 pts behind mike flips)
#6 Laser1611 pts
(48 pts behind Vega)
#7 Shane1608 pts
(3 pts behind Laser)
#8 Kamirashi1563 pts
(45 pts behind Shane)
#9 Tyler1502 pts
(61 pts behind Kamirashi)
#10 Cirenco1491 pts
(11 pts behind Tyler)
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well, MrD's levels are definitely not for everyone, but i hope that most players should at least pass the Ruben's levels contained in this pack.
PrayerR: what levels (from the existing levelpacks) would you recommend for a next hall of fame levelpack? (i'd like to know what is your idea of the "optimum" levels)
i dunno SZ... i like when level is played by many peoples... like 500, 1000

so levels should be interesting for newbies...
but i am not newbie.. so i dunno
well, i can not upload any game - it says "Your recording was rejected by the server (unknown level)"

what to do?
i tryed new install of BOD, new install of this level pack - still can not upload.
There are too many secrets here. Don't you want to show us how good you are?
Oh, the hell with it, all mine are private now as well. Don't see why I should be the only one.
well, MrD, could u plz shut up and see that a lot of peoples makes their games public too. i keep only part of my golds private. all others my games are public.
he is only one... the 1 is Tabs.
You Qi
The earth won't stop turning becoz of you, MrD.
You Qi
Dont underestimate newbie, prayer!
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