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Summer Pack
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#1 Andrew A1777 pts
#2 BikerBrian1711 pts
(66 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 PMD1695 pts
(16 pts behind BikerBrian)
#4 mike flips1687 pts
(8 pts behind PMD)
#5 Vega1659 pts
(28 pts behind mike flips)
#6 Laser1611 pts
(48 pts behind Vega)
#7 Shane1608 pts
(3 pts behind Laser)
#8 Kamirashi1563 pts
(45 pts behind Shane)
#9 Tyler1502 pts
(61 pts behind Kamirashi)
#10 Cirenco1491 pts
(11 pts behind Tyler)
60 comments on 6 pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 >>>>
This pack is not really new, we saw all these levels in other levelpacks (by MrD, Ruben, Hank Chill and RDB). This time most of the levels are quite easy to complete. After all, we have summer! (and hopefuly it will encourage new players)
thanks! I really needed a new pack to catch up with older players I am now an 15 spot. i like the grand cayon level.
Sz i think there is a problem with WOW level i have done it 2 times and both times the sever told me it was an invelid record I dont know what to do.
same here
You Qi
finally after a 3 months waiting, A new HighScore levelpack BORN!
oops, you are right, the server rejects WOW recordings because of a bug in the recording verification procedure. this problem will be resolved as soon as possible. meanwhile just ignore the error message and proceed to the next level. sorry...
well, very sad...

this is defently not level pack for all players. it won't be easy for most of peoples... (((((((((

i awaited something completely different..
and LP after 1 year bike or die sheet.
You Qi
my view point is totally different from yours prayer! ONLY this kind of levelpack can last the gameplay longer.
ugu, will last the game longer.. for 65 players? like in your levelpack?

i dont say it's bad level pac. it's good and i will play of course. but it's not for newbies.
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