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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
Player's comment:
Ok - not 30 to 40 frames as you say Vega, but .3 to .4 of a second is possible (though very very difficult).

I reverted to an easier, more consistent start method - just to practice the turnaround, and this popped out within about 5 runs! This start really does set you up better for the turnaround, but I gave up about .3 of a sec to Champ at one point.

The drive all the way back is pretty difficult to get, but much, much quicker, no?

Level 3 - Double Sprint

Time: 0:19,56 (Completed)



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VERY nicely done, AA.

5,360 players have submitted a time for this level, and you now have gold!
Andrew A
Thanks for that, Vega.

For all my talk of .3/.4 of a second - it's still just 1 frame though..

Back in the day, this would have felt vulnerable. It still does.

So - have you got yersel' an old iPod yet?
Not yet bud. Still on the ol' rusty Treo.
Andrew A
1,312 less players than on Riding School (btw), So, yea - a summery breezy walk in the park..

Cue The Isley Brothers.. (some people think it was Jimi H who played the guitar lead lines on that song, but he had left the band by then - with a year or two of anonymity still ahead of him, before he arrived in a properly appreciative London, under the managership of Chas Chandler - ex bass player of The Animals, and himself pretty much broke at that point).

It was Ernie Isley who played those guitar lines - being totally in the thrall of Jimi (but without the - ahem - same level of creativity?).

If anyone is interested.

Just because I heard the song today for the first time in years
Andrew A
Still on the ol' Trusty reo, ehh?
Salute. Beautiful run.
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