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#1 Andrew A1460 pts
#2 mike flips1360 pts
(100 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 Kamirashi1334 pts
(26 pts behind mike flips)
#4 Laser1332 pts
(2 pts behind Kamirashi)
#5 casey1314 pts
(18 pts behind Laser)
#6 BikerBrian1308 pts
(6 pts behind casey)
#7 DavidKing1278 pts
(30 pts behind BikerBrian)
#8 Shane1277 pts
(1 pts behind DavidKing)
#9 Smalls1252 pts
(25 pts behind Shane)
#10 PMD1251 pts
(1 pts behind Smalls)
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Welcome to the new levelpack! (created by   vas)
Thanks. It's good to be in the top least for a few hours!
very good levels!!
I just have seen this level, I hadn't played it but in a firs view I don't like it. XA Software levelpacks and OrRīs levelpack are better for me.
OrR's levels will be here soon!
Do you like XA Soft's levelpacks? I thought they are "too simple" for Hall of Fame... but I'll consider adding some of them, I just can't ignore our Champion!
This new level pack is great, very well done and original.
XA Soft level packs are a little too simple (some level you have nothing to do...). And please Rachman take your time to play for one time I have a GOLD medal
You Qi
I'm late!
Nice levels. Challenging enough without being too frustrating. It might be nice to have some simple levels for a change.
Xtreme mega
i have made some of my own level pack and people at palmgear are very pleaesed if u want them contact me
I open my levels
Comment for it if you like it...

Bike or Fly, but no Die!
Good luck!!!
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