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 Andrew A
United Kingdom, Salisbury, Novichokshire
Player's comment:
One of my most deeply disliked levels - as was!

Once I finally bit the bullet and took the time to actually find a way to get a relatively consistent beginning, the annoyance factor diminished (somewhat).

The ending is still far too stupidly random, but a bit less so with some hard acquired strategies to follow (necessarily too vague to be called moves or techniques). There is a modicum of control now, as opposed to non - blind luck!

I feel that Gold here is a real possibility, but my change of heart is not so radical that I want to play this level again. Ever (probably).

Just plain tea for this one.
Level 18 - Touch Bricks

Time: 0:17,42 (Completed)


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Very very well played. Super clean.
I always hated this level too ^^'
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