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New Deal Requires v1.4
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#1562halle2.938 pts
(0.016 pts behind fatiha)
#1563Master JT2.922 pts
(0.016 pts behind halle)
#1564intrepid2.922 pts
(0 pts behind Master JT)
#1565farzad2.907 pts
(0.015 pts behind intrepid)
#1566vilkovo2.906 pts
(0.001 pts behind farzad)
#1567GTB2.906 pts
(0 pts behind vilkovo)
#1568silentkilla2.906 pts
(0 pts behind GTB)
#1569moody swede2.906 pts
(0 pts behind silentkilla)
#1570gev2.891 pts
(0.015 pts behind moody swede)
#1571Ben Greaves2.871 pts
(0.02 pts behind gev)
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This will be the next levelpack in the Hall of Fame, after the official v1.4 is released (see  Bike or Die v1.4 is coming!)
Mine was "corrupted" on the palm, with a different time recorded, and it wouldn't give me an action replay or ghost, so I deleted it figuring it was pretty fatal.

If it happens again, I'll try to submit it.
The same as Lee, can't replay, Lose ghost, without value kept, already deleted, perhaps I will try to find out the reason to happen.
I have returned
mike flips
wow, good job Cirenco
Sz, i want to ask something. Does the bug problem that DK and Lee has told in this pages has been corrected or not in the version 1.4b?
Somehow when I was playing Superman Returns, I have the same bug. I got 21.64 but my recording is corrupt and it shows 10.xx and can't be replayed. Luckyly i can make better time for that level..
mike flips
I'll take a 10.xx Henoch
is cirenco playing now?or was he returning only to play a few and is now gone again.
Top 30!
Carl China
Wow! Level 4 0:16,12!
wow, tie btween me and alec... but not for long
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