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9. Dome (723)
 Old School (2249)
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New Deal Requires v1.4
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#1 Andrew A1680 pts
#2 Kamirashi1647 pts
(33 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 mike flips1605 pts
(42 pts behind Kamirashi)
#4 BikerBrian1554 pts
(51 pts behind mike flips)
#5 Lee1488 pts
(66 pts behind BikerBrian)
#6 Shane1485 pts
(3 pts behind Lee)
#7 PMD1457 pts
(28 pts behind Shane)
#8 DavidKing1449 pts
(8 pts behind PMD)
#9 Tyler1407 pts
(42 pts behind DavidKing)
#10 Spence1389 pts
(18 pts behind Tyler)
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This will be the next levelpack in the Hall of Fame, after the official v1.4 is released (see  Bike or Die v1.4 is coming!)
looks cool! =D
another gr8 pack SZ =)
I have loaded 1.4 and the New Deal level pack - but websync shows Level not in hall of fame against each time . Can someone tell me what I haven't done?
shane: this is normal, all recordings played on the "unofficial" new deal are marked as "not for hall of fame". but you can submit these files from the web browser.
I'm having trouble with my touch screen again. I may not be able to submit...
But two Golds when I do!
mike flips
wat golds kris
mike flips
Its a shame i havent had more time to play these new levels... ive been busy lately...but i managed to get a few good times... ill submit them now
I lost my potential Golds already. I'm surprised you've beaten Alex so well!
mike flips
hey... i try

id be farther ahead if i had more time

PMD - Congratz, you got a lot of great times, i hope u can hold on to them

Good first day everybody , now we just wait for Gus and Cirenco to do their damage...
Sz, could you guide me how to submit from the web browser?
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