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Golden Club
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#1 mike flips251827 days
#2 Andrew A126138 days
#3 BikerBrian95395 days
#4 Vega87620 days
#5 Laser82749 days
#6 Kristopher65717 days
#7 Spence56282 days
#8 Kamirashi40077 days
#9 Tabs39685 days
#10 Kenn38967 days
Scoring: Each day you own a gold medal gives you one point.
Vega gets gold for longest comment. I agree with him though. All that us new players can do is try to play catch up. It's kinda fun! Just one more challenge to strive for a better ranking.
Actually, my post is longer here; I think it is the longest.
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1874
mike flips
Yes, congrats on being #1!
Great job Tabs!!!!
mike flips
this scoring still favours the older players,

being out for the release of any level pack is crucial to advancing in the golden club, and older players were playing back when there was not as much competition, and they could hold relatively bad times for a long period of time,
there is only one thing that is crucial for advancing in the golden club......getting and holding gold medals no matter what level pack they are in
mike flips
VEGA, u finally agree with me

the most crucial thing is the ability to hold gold medals. this ability is something that people in the past had a lot more of then we do now. There were so many less players, and far less competition. A gold medal now is like an A+ and a gold medal then is like a F---...

if you dont believe me, look at this example...

Rachman! (the great player who everyone says is really good, who is way up in the golden club) played competatively for about a year. you can see after the first year he started moving down in the rankings after he quit.

I have been playing for half the amount of time that he played, not only have i beat his time in nearly every single level, i have spent time playing other level packs and have been successful at those as well.

Look how high up on the list rachman is when clearly i am a far better player.

if i could accomplish what he did in half the time it took him, and even play 2 times as many levels and be successful in those as well, clearly this is favouring the older players who had "the crucial ability" to hold gold medals.

If Rachman! was still here, he would be better than you, I am sure. That is shown in this ranking.
mike flips
You missed the point kris, im not saying who is better, i am saying that my accomplishments in 6 months far surpassed his accomplishments in a whole year for the level packs that we both played, so the fact that he is way up on the golden club leads to the obvious conclusion that it was easier to get in the golden club back then and its harder now
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