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Golden Club
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#1 mike flips273515 days
#2 Andrew A174093 days
#3 BikerBrian110193 days
#4 Vega99110 days
#5 Laser90409 days
#6 Kristopher71845 days
#7 Spence63942 days
#8 Kamirashi57778 days
#9 Kenn44329 days
#10 Tabs43515 days
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Scoring: Each day you own a gold medal gives you one point.
This is what PrayeR always wanted, and I see why. It shows the real champions, including the ones who have played for a long time, and the original players, not just the people who have come recently. It also is a good way to rank the players who haven't played all of the levels (usually because they left before a levelpack came out). I also see why David King declared Rachman! the real champion; he is not far from PrayeR.
mike flips
This only shows good players who played since the game came out
mike flips
i guess we shall have to wait for a bit and see who will shoot up in these rankings over the next couple months (cirenco) lol
This should encourage players to play the new levelpacks as they are released. Even if they can't keep a medal, they should like to for a few days.
Gaah. I had three medals for about six hours
mike flips
playing the new levelpacks as they are releases wont help anyone... even if i got 15 golds from a new pack and got another 25 from other levels, it would still be years for me to catch up
Mike flips - Yes you might need to stack up the golds to climb the charts, but wasn't it just the other day that Cirenco was like #80 or something and now look! Within just a few weeks, he'll be in the top ten! Plus many of the top ranking players in this category have lost most of their golds. This means passing them will be easy as long you earn 'em & keep 'em
mike flips
yea but i dont care about top 10, i care about #1 which is virtually impossible for new players, even cirenco will take another year to climb up to the top at least
Quote: "Playing the new levelpacks as they are released won't help anyone."

Yes, it will. Almost anyone in the Top 50 could get into the Golden Club if they just play the new levelpacks well enough to keep a medal for two days. It was really easy to get medals for the first few days of the Newbie Pack; a way for many to get into the Golden Club who other-wise couldn't.
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