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Golden Club
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#1 mike flips274859 days
#2 Andrew A177069 days
#3 BikerBrian111105 days
#4 Vega99830 days
#5 Laser90889 days
#6 Kristopher72229 days
#7 Spence64422 days
#8 Kamirashi58982 days
#9 Kenn44665 days
#10 Tabs43755 days
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Scoring: Each day you own a gold medal gives you one point.
The best players are the ones with the most Gold Medals. "Overall excellence" shows more that you have played every level many times, but the Golds show who is potentially the best player.

BTW, I see Vega is already the #1 American in this competition.
mike flips
nah, kris, i think this shows mostly those players who have been around for a long time, and were around when there were not as many players, and not as many good and dedicated players, half of these people dont play any more and racked up all their points when there were under 50 people seriously playing for gold medals instead of just for fun...

most of the top ten doesnt play anymore and has 2 or less golds,

if Golden Club is kept, it should be changed to a formula, that includes the total number of players (including only players who have completed at least 5 levels or something)

This would allow for a gold in standard pack now, to be worth more then a gold in standard pack 2 years ago when it was really easy

sure, it was easier to win a gold medal (so it should be worth less), but on the other hand, a brilliant player could only win 25 points a day (25 levels) and now the best champions can theoretically gain 100 points a day in golden club
mike flips
lol Sz, key word = theoretically

I guess my point is just that a newer player will most likely never break the top 5

newhoo, cant wait for a new pack, ive never been around when ones been released
Actually, there are 103 levels in the Time Trial, so more than a hundred a day is possible. I know it looks like rachman! will be in the Top 10 forever, but Bike or Die! has only been around for two years. The old players won't stay at the top forever. In fact, Cirenco will be the leader within a year if he can keep 25 Golds.
It was easier to get Golds back then, but there were no movies to watch when the Bike or Die! started, and everyone had to develope their own routes. The effect of those Golds is trivial, and will have less effect on the Golden Club every day as the current Gold medalists slowly overtake rachman! and the other "ancient players."
mike flips
rachman and prayer were around for a lot more than 25 levels sz, and kristopher, cirenco said hes been playing for over a year now, so its not like hes that new
Comparto la opinión de SZ. Creo que PrayeR merece estar ahí, ahora tenemos la ventaja de que se van incorporando más juegos pero el nivel que también va mejorando y se hace difícil cuidar una medalla si haces público su video.
mike flips
my final argument (unless i think of another)

As Kris mentioned, you have to play the levels right when they come out to rack up a few golds to move up...

All of the top people have been around for up to 7 level pack releases!!! therefore its in their favour and it would take new players years to be around for that many releases!
Of course it favors former players; that was the idea.
BTW, DavidKing has only been playing since May 2005, and he is #5.
mike flips
k you win
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