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Golden Club
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#1 mike flips275895 days
#2 Andrew A179317 days
#3 BikerBrian111808 days
#4 Vega100385 days
#5 Laser91259 days
#6 Kristopher72525 days
#7 Spence64792 days
#8 Kamirashi60018 days
#9 Kenn44924 days
#10 Tabs43940 days
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Scoring: Each day you own a gold medal gives you one point.
Just came back to say I finally passed Cirenco! Unbelievable that it took that long to pass someone who hasn't submitted in nearly 5 years. Also makes Mike's 109k absolutely insane in comparison to these meager sums...
Finally made a move to lucky number 13 in GC. This has been an extremely slow climb. However, I'm currently gaining on everyone but MF. I should hit Top 10 by Sept. 2012 and pass Cirenco for #7 by the end of 2012.

Assuming the golds stay the same, I'll pass Vega in 2024 to move into the Top 3. I'll pass Laser for #2 five years later
I never thought this day would come, but I should enter the GC Top 10 in 20 days (early September) and will pass Tyler, DavidKing, and Cirenco to move into 7th by the end of this year.
Top 10... Finally!
Man it took me forever to get to the Top 10! YEAH!!! I will get passed soon, but I'm happy to have made it!
Way to go, Smalls! I used to think I'd never make it top 10 because the spots were held by players that had many golds in the early days, before many people were playing. At your current rate, you'll pass the once immortal Cirenco in less than 3 months.
Only because I took all of Cirenco's golds.
Very true Laser! Thanks for that! But, I am getting caught from behind by at least two players...not sure if I will hang on for very long. Eventually I hope to end up here for good though
Passed Cirenco! Yeah!!!
I was so excited to move into the Top 10 in Golden Club about a year ago. Since then, I've moved to #6, with Top 5 coming in about 1 month. With huge gaps after that, looks like I'll need to be happy there for awhile.
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