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Time Trial Champions
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#1 Andrew A26590 pts
#2 Kamirashi25299 pts
(1291 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 BikerBrian24862 pts
(437 pts behind Kamirashi)
#4 PMD22996 pts
(1866 pts behind BikerBrian)
#5 Laser22982 pts
(14 pts behind PMD)
#6 mike flips22746.5 pts
(235.5 pts behind Laser)
#7 Tyler21431 pts
(1315.5 pts behind mike flips)
#8 casey20377 pts
(1054 pts behind Tyler)
#9 Shane20232 pts
(145 pts behind casey)
#10 Kristopher20227.126 pts
(4.874 pts behind Shane)
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- 121 pts for the best time in a level
- at least 1 point for completing a level
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 "Time Trial Champions" Changes
You qi when i think im approaching you get some new places and you manage to keep your distance!!!!! Thas cool!! And because my chasing you have approached a lot more to rachman... good rivals!!
1.3's sound effects are great
Reakon, turning them off though 'Is Difficult' (quote Manwell, faulty towers)
You Qi
This is a history moment, I surpassed rachman!
Congratulations You Qi, You worth it. How many hours and days of playing Bike Or Die ???
Excellent! Finally after creeping up to Rachman you have finally overtaken!
Well done You Qi - the Rachman era has ended. Wow!
Very Well Done You Qi, I like Competition..
You Qi
thank you everyone. btw, I'm the medal holder for the other 3 level packs too!
is there an easy way to lookup how other people are doing? I have a friend playing with me and want to be able to search for him and look at his profile scores.
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