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Time Trial Champions
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#1 Andrew A26610 pts
#2 Kamirashi25146 pts
(1464 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 BikerBrian24871 pts
(275 pts behind Kamirashi)
#4 PMD23000 pts
(1871 pts behind BikerBrian)
#5 Laser22994 pts
(6 pts behind PMD)
#6 mike flips22764.5 pts
(229.5 pts behind Laser)
#7 Tyler21443 pts
(1321.5 pts behind mike flips)
#8 casey20389 pts
(1054 pts behind Tyler)
#9 Shane20247 pts
(142 pts behind casey)
#10 Kristopher20236.251 pts
(10.749 pts behind Shane)
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- 121 pts for the best time in a level
- at least 1 point for completing a level
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 "Time Trial Champions" Changes
I've found 2 new Levelpacks (each 26 Levels).
Look at "" and search for Bike or Die !
They are great !!!
everyone ty to put his freestyle to competition. There is a lot of very bad freestyle videos.can you just filter some of them out..some very bad. and left the worth seeing ones?
You Qi
YAHOOO~~~~~!!!! I'm in the TOP #10 Ranking Table!
SZ can you also sort out all players by country so that we may know how many are we. Thnx, very nice software.....
You Qi
I think SZ is busying with his new game.

btw, I'm in the TOP #5 ! YAHOOO~~~~~~~~~~
Woohooo i am the leader !!! (at least until top5 players finish the new levels =P )
where the hell did rachman! go?

You Qi
rachman likes play until all the levels get no.1 only submit his score. that's his attitude!
wat a bum
The Two
what is spelled W-H-A-T stupid ass internet lingo
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