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Upload to the server fails

Am I the only one being unable to upload leves from my palm?

How do you even try to upload it to the server?
By levels I mean records of my level plays (replays). Not the levels designed with Bike or Design.
I am having the same problem myself. I went back and smoked my old times on the built in level pack and uploaded the completed times to the server directly from my treo. The times I have on my phone that I have apparently submitted are way faster than whats on the server now. The frustrating part is that I can't send them in again. I'm being told the levels have already been submitted and that basically I'm S.O.L.
I'm such a tool! I accidently uploaded scores using the user name zee boy instead of zeeboy. Now I need to figure out how to combine the two sets of scores...any ideas anyone?
mike flips
just email SZ ( or

hes the creator of all of this and he can help fix your problem, you just tell him which account you want to keep (the one with the space or the one without) and he will merge them
It has been a secret for long enough...

Sz made a page for me so I could know exactly how many players there are. If you scroll to the bottom, you can see the newest players.
It can easily solve problems like this, as you can see the new name (3687 Zee Boy) and figure out what happened.
Also, you can see (3598 Joey.) and (3611 ctapocta.), which probably didn't mean to put the period there. This page helps find the problem.
mike flips
Kris you are so cool you are my hero
zee problem fixed!
Uhhhh.... what if the name that was accidentally put was already on the list.................
Then sz will have to move them over for you .
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