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Player Reincarnation

Does anyone think the 'old school' players, like PrayeR and rachman and DK or maybe even Cirenco, have reincarnated themselves as other players, and have mixed in so well, that now we would never know it? Like, what if one of the new studs that is swallowing up golds is really DK, back from the dead??

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I would have to say I doubt it unfortunatly......
What if Gus and Alex are the same player?

Similarly, what if two players of the same city and age are in the top 3?

And in case anyone has noticed, Pickle and Cirenco have the same command over the English language, AND nobody likes them!

Thank you, I'll be here all week.
I challenged Gus and Alex a while back with that. It's somewhere, in some thread.
Gus came back with a pretty convincing demeanor, although I have seen that group do some fishy stuff.

Pickle/Cirenco --> yah right.

And I think I like pickle better than you, Laser
That's only because Pickle doesn't provide any competition to you.
No one provides competition to Vega, Vega doesnt submit any times

I am not nearly a good enough player to be cirinco I am thinking...
BikerBrian is just Vega wanting to play all the levels. Obvious, right?
I think he's Tyler. Who else would get 10 golds in the same pack?
Yah... and in the past, when I was on chat with BikerBrian and several others, it was really an elaborate scheme with 2 separate computers where I was multitasking and typing at the same time on both accounts

Tyler? I think Tyler and Laser are 2 of the top candidates.
Both came after all the old school guys. Both are gold diggers.
Hey, I was around 2 years before Tyler, and I started to play in early 2005.
And don't think I don't have my own fake accounts...
The only fake account I have ever had is when I accidentally submitted a run under vega1.

 vega1 on Riding School Part 2

That encompasses the entire story of my fake account.
What do YOU use a fake account for, Laser?
My only sorta fake account happened when I accidentaly submitted a gold as "Spencer" on Rocky McFly.

 Rocky McFly Time Trial

"Spencer" had 4 years ago authorized my device by accident when I had done the same thing before.
This lead to me simultaneously holding both gold and silver in a way
For fun, I made an account to see what the highest rank I could get by completing all of the levels as slowly as possible.

player.php?p=6171& pt=0

As you can see, this was done before Bikeforce came out, and "I" reached 91.

So many of the almost 10000 users have barely submitted anything and others only a few packs, giving our current ranking less meaning.
Slowly as possible would actually be 9 minutes and 59 seconds each, but it still makes an interesting point that you can get into the top 100 without trying at all
Ah Vega, still on that one I see - some points for you to consider: I can type coherently, and Alex cannot. We played the same levels in competition with one another, each trying to get the best place we could in our own group, which led to some impressive times on the levels. As we always showed each other the games, we ended up with similar routes or tactics. As to why we all played, it's simple - our school had the peculiar idea that giving their students portable gaming devices would help their academic work (madness at its finest), and so we all had palm pilots. I broke mine (never do a dramatic dive to win a badminton match with electronics on our person), and everyone else's died with the infamous battery problem. Alex bought a new one, so from time to time I play on his, and save the times as my own.

We have toyed with the idea of creating one super account and trying to nuke certain levelpacks (Nick is excellent at some levels, as is Kenzo, while Alex is very consistent, and I have my moments), but were, frankly, too lazy to replicate our previous runs and resubmit them under another name.

Oh, and I call Mr.pickle. as the reincarnation of DK, trying to learn english properly, not just using google translate.
Hi Gus.

Good job Pick. Somehow, someway, you've got people suspicious that you are DK and/or Cirenco, 2 of the best players of yesteryear. Excellent work.

As for the top 100 thingy, that is EXACTLY PRECISELY UNQUESTIONABLY why I pushed so hard for the bonus points. It is also exactly why I foucs on levelpacks. The points system is engineered better for levelpack play. If it were up to me only, I would again revamp the entire point system, using more advanced mathematical equations. It would bore and probably confuse everyone to death, including me, but once implemented, it would at least work forever.

Pfft i'll type correctly once i start caring bout what people on the internet think about me...
you wouldn't have typed the above if you didn't care at least a smidgen.
I would argue that everyone who plays this game cares in some shape or form. Why else would we all try so hard to be the best if not to prove to everyone else that we are just that? The only logical conclusion is we want everyone to look up to us, I personally cant think of any other reason.
OR, we just have alot of free time and beating other people is a good timewaster... but more likely the proving thing...
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