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United Kingdom
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02:02 02/02/2020
Level 7 - Expl-O-sion 2.0

Time: 0:42,76 (Completed)


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Andrew A
Very well done that man! Excellent run buddy!!

Sad to hear about your Treo - I can't help on that front sorry to say, as I haven't used a Palm device in many years.

Actually, thinking about it, I do still have that Sony Clie NX73 somewhere that I told you about ages ago. I think it might even have a copy of BoD on it. I'll dig it out and check if it still works - it's yours if of any use? the button layout isn't optimal as best I remember, though I never really gave it a go, but I did have an add on plug in game controller for it, though where it might be... (a bit like a mini Nintendo controller I think - never even tried it).

Will let you know.

Great to hear from you - was wondering..
Fantastic run, Champ! You, Andrew, and me were neck and neck in the first layer. You shot through the first portal like you had a jetpack. If I had a way to play again, I would give this level another try!

Thanks for opening!
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