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United States, Highland
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Hi guys today is the 2 year birthday of my Lasertag route, with not a single duplication yet.

As a birthday present for it I managed to cut an additional 1.38 seconds off, amazingly I am now convinced at *at least* an additional half a second can come off, which would bring the time into the 37.xx range.

For an interesting video to watch check out the differences and speed increases I have found in these 2 years by watching this video versus my fist submission in head to head, which have a 5.26 second difference.  Kenn vs. Kenn
Level 14 - LaserTag

Time: 0:38,40 (Completed)



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It's almost the 6 year anniversary of my first gold...
 Laser on Sinus Revisited
And this was the silver time, 3 seconds slower.  Kristopher on Sinus Revisited

Well MY first ever gold beats your first ever gold by a month and a half  Spence on Wheel Insider
well MY first gold is now gone so its highly irrelevant for me to even be posting this...
Pickle, if I remember correctly, your first gold was on Trumpet. You submitted a gold medal run and bragged about it 9 hours before the cut-off time for getting GC points (9pm EST). Then Mike took it away before you could get a point in the club
Kenn, congrats again on this gold and on the many others that you have. You brought a tremendous amount of innovation to BoD! This one takes the cake, though. I don't think anyone else could've even dreamed up this route. Even seeing it done, no one has been able to do it...

I think it's time for you to blow our minds again - as long as it's not on one of the levels where I have gold
Brian weren't you able to accomplish the hard trick on the practice mode? I wanna say you showed me a video of it at HOF two years ago..not sure haha

Yeah trumpet was the first I think....sticky hill was probably my favorite back when we stole the gold from each other every day for like a week haha good times
It's been almost 7 1/2 years since my first gold...Riding School Part 2. Can't believe that it's still holding. Not nearly as innovative as this though!
You have golds in 5 straight that a record? I don't want to go through everyone who has that many, but I would think that it has to be at least close. 5 in a row...that deserves a medal in itself!
The limits people pushed this game is just nuts. I really dont think anyone plays games to nearly this level of (almost) perfection anymore. Most mobile games now are basically idle games designed to keep you playing long enough to watch ads and/or make purchases. There is just nothing out there that is a one time purchase and is then THIS engaging long term trying to do a specific trick.

Its kinda like looking at one of the original Mario games and comparing it to Mario Sunshine, its not even close to the same thing. Some of the game is infinitely better but there also is something that never really got recaptured since the original. I feel like there is almost nothing on the app store today that recaptures the original feel and addictiveness of the games on Palm OS back in the day (Big ones that come to mind for me are BOD, Tradewinds and Warfare Inc.)
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