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Time Trial Champions Vega
Yea casey, no way he is doing Android after all this years.
Time Trial Champions casey
You're right, would be to good to be true.
Time Trial Champions bones
Oh my GOD!! Sz you definitely just made everyones year (especially in 2020). If you need alpha/beta testers feel free to email me. I'm on Android .
Time Trial Champions Kamirashi
Seriously?! Reading that BoD 3.0 is happening makes me more hyped than the PS5 release Iím also on Android, can definitely test if needed
Time Trial Champions PMD
I will need to buy an Android. Tell me SZ's account wasn't hacked and someone is messing with us! Great news SZ! Can't wait!
Time Trial Champions chalob
This can't be true someone must have hacked Sz's account.
Time Trial Champions chalob
@BikerBrian the iphone version had on-screen buttons which worked pretty well once I got used to them, so I assume this would be the same.
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
@chalob I'm beginning to agree that some comments were hacked. I definitely did not make the post on 27 Oct. I've been using the ios version since day 1, without physical buttons.
Time Trial Champions PMD
I will need to buy an Android. Tell me SZ's account wasn't hacked and someone is messing with us! Great news SZ! Can't wait!
Time Trial Champions Andrew A
I just dropped in for the first time in a looong time (hi guys!).

The earlier post was not me, and I'm pretty certain that Sz was not the author of the posts purportedly from him. sorry but someone is messing about.

The reason I dropped in is that Adobe is finally pulling the plug on the Flash Player at the end of the month, so that will effectively be the end of this site. They will also be blocking Flash from running, so keeping the player on your system will be of no use

There will be very little point visiting if its not possible to view any runs - unless its just to chat, but that will be a very pale shadow of the site we have all loved for so long.

I shall drop in a few times before the end, so if anyone can think of a workaround - do tell!

Just when I was thinking of getting back in the water....

Time Trial Champions Andrew A
The post from me on 27th Oct is the one I mean. Not me!

Time Trial Champions Andrew A
Tester and Martin on the 27th October are the likely suspects (in my opinion!).

Look at their records and history - or lack of it.....
Time Trial Champions Andrew A
I would never use a word like 'woah!'. I do have standards
Time Trial Champions PMD
If Adobe is truly going to be blocked by the browser, than I want to just say thanks for a great ride! Appreciate all of you who I have interacted with and here's to a much better 2021!
Time Trial Champions Laser
Love you all - Happy Holidays, and here's to a bettering year!
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
Happy New Year everyone!

Nice investigative work, Andrew.

I logged on to see if my flash player still worked. As of Jan. 5, it's still working in Chrome on the Mac.

I rewatched a few of my gold runs in case I never get to see them again. It's been a fun ride!
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
Hacked comments? Weird. Love all your faces (especially the green ones )

My hopes went through the roof then were dashed skimming through these last few months messages. Surely there will still be some browser that can support flash even if the main ones give it up. Even if we have to download a weird add on for opera or something haha
15 Years On Bike! Mr.pickle.
So I know the last post here is from about 5 months ago, but I also would gladly donate if there were a way to re release this game in some capacity. Literally if any of you coded well enough to build the same game and call it something else Iím sure many of us would donate to get it up and running even if it were just for us loyal few. I would be playing on the regular still if I had any way to participate, but itís getting hard to find devices that can still load it... if you can find one it probably needs to be constantly plugged in which is a bit frustrating..

Anyone know anyone who builds that sort of app for iPhone? I bet between the lot of us we could actually raise a decent amount of money if there were a shot at making it playable again. I donít remember who but I know one of us has attempted to buy the rights from SZ.. Maybe we can enlist the help of some tech savvy redditors or something to track him down lol
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
Actually I see now that I read that wrong. I guess if adobe discontinued flash...indeed the site would no longer work unless someone invents a workaround of some sort.. oye
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
Great news everybody!! I figured out a way to view the entire BoD website, with all Flash content enabled.

Simply create a free account with the Conifer Web Archiving service, enter into your new remote browser, and you'll be able to enjoy watching all of your best runs once again!
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