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15 Years On Bike! time goes by so fast wow
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Kamirashi's game on Sharpener Andrew A
Oh for goodness sake!!

Put upon and viciously attacked on all sides by marauding yoofs.

Not even as if I can do anything about it at the moment - but I shall...Probably.
Andrew A vs. Kamirashi Kamirashi
so close! Iím ahead all the way to the wall, but a slightly sub-optimal flip puts me behind by 3 frames
Kamirashi's game on Sharpener Kamirashi
itís going to be years until I can realistically challenge your position, so for now Iíll enjoy gold in this pack at least before you start getting serious again ^^
Kamirashi's game on Hall of Mirrors Kamirashi
I spent way more time on this than I should, but it was worth it in the end
Supernatural Kamirashi
Not by a safe margin, but a gold is a gold!
Kamirashi's game on Double-back Jumps Kamirashi
A good second to last jump gets me far enough ahead of Brian to barely clutch the ending
Newbie Pack Kamirashi
Seems I won the lottery and gained the gold, even if Andrew got the score first ^^
15 Years On Bike! Gus
I always find myself checking in every ear or so. BoD is still a gem. Hope everyone's keeping well. I'm going to try and find me some way to play this again, I'm still salty about losing a couple of golds (and the Foothill Half-Circle tie).
15 Years On Bike! Laser
What's wrong with the Foothill Half-circle tie? True story - I got that gold while I was at a sleep clinic, clearly failing that test.
Kamirashi's game on Double-back Jumps BikerBrian
Excellent job, Kamirashi!
15 Years On Bike! bones
I would also gladly donate to a BoD 3.0 , but I am not code savvy so not helping out that way. Did convince me to dig out the old IPod Touch and try again. Never got use to touch controls as I started on a palm pilot when I really played. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!
Time Trial Champions Tester
Awesome, this Site is still up!
Time Trial Champions Martin
Ofcourse Dude! Still playing the Game!
Time Trial Champions Laser
Time Trial Champions Andrew A
Woah and I'm still Number One!!!
Time Trial Champions Sz
Awesome Guys! Im working on Bike or Die 3 for Android.
Time Trial Champions Vega
What?!?!?! Really?
Time Trial Champions Sz
Sure I'll keep you updated.
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
Siiiick! I wonder how this will be controllable without physical Buttons, but I'm looking forward to it!
Time Trial Champions casey
Szymon you re kidding right? Never thought this would happen!
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