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2. Loop 1 (771)
3. Loop 2 (737)
4. Loop 3 (344)
6. Nose (394)
7. Cave 2 (425)
8. Tricky (303)
9. Fly! (389)
10. Sqare (375)
11. Bird (385)
12. Tatra (330)
 New Deal (2615)
 Old School (2249)
 BikeForce (1254)

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OrR's Levels Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Andrew A1337 pts
#2 mike flips1290 pts
(47 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 BikerBrian1258 pts
(32 pts behind mike flips)
#4 Champ1238 pts
(20 pts behind BikerBrian)
#5 Kamirashi1235 pts
(3 pts behind Champ)
#6 Kristopher1222 pts
(13 pts behind Kamirashi)
#7 Laser1180 pts
(42 pts behind Kristopher)
#8 Shane1179 pts
(1 pts behind Laser)
#9 PMD1167 pts
(12 pts behind Shane)
#10 Tyler1137 pts
(30 pts behind PMD)
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texturized by   Xuzz!
I'm back... about the levelpack, I like it, but there are very few options about takin other way than the logic..
You Qi
yeah... that's what I think also Keroppi. hope this is enough and not coming in the next level pack.
I agree this LP is hard work at times. It's well done and challenging but it could do with being a bit more forgiving.
Well I don't like design of this levels much..strange twist of colours. But otherwise I'll enjoy playing them
I agree that the colors of Loop3 are awfull... Maybe that's why I've still got my medal because nobody can stand playing that one long enough to get a best time... But I don't think the colors in the other levels are too bad though I'm quite shocked myself how often I used pink...
About the cablecars... Well, I invented them and now I somehow love them... They are creating some innovation and new tricks. But I think everything possible has been done with them so I don't think there will be too many more. The only thing missing is jumping from one cablecar onto another as in the last self running level in the second XA Sofware pack...
@rachman: Yeah, I watched out that I didn't leave loop holes in the leveldesign, perhaps I should have built in some more intended loopholes...
This level is too tough, I just can finish 3 levels
I thought the same thing about your levels... And I still can't beat Zip-Zap...
when is the next level pack coming out?
You Qi
good question... perhaps Sz can answer this.
well, becouse it's included here, in online scores - it should be levels that can be completed by a lot of peoples. not just by 10 (or so) best players... ot it has no sence in placing this pack on the site.
that's first. second - placing levels in this pack... well, i think that easiest levels should be at begining.. it fails in this pack.
third. "fun" version is just better.
it would be better if "fun" version would be here or one of XA's pack.
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