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2. Loop 1 (771)
3. Loop 2 (737)
4. Loop 3 (344)
6. Nose (394)
7. Cave 2 (425)
8. Tricky (303)
9. Fly! (389)
10. Sqare (375)
11. Bird (385)
12. Tatra (330)
 New Deal (2616)
 Old School (2249)
 BikeForce (1254)

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8. Tricky
in  OrR's Levels Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Kamirashi0:36,20
121 pts
ViewBrian-proofed by another .5 seconds just in case
#2 BikerBrian0:37,06
116 pts
ViewMerry Christmas to me
#3 Andrew A0:37,26
112 pts
#4 mike flips0:37,64
109 pts
#5 ppa0:37,76
107 pts
#6 Tyler0:38,54
105 pts
Viewwow i didn't think this was anywhere close to a medal
#7 PMD0:38,58
103 pts
ViewSince   Xuzz basically led everyone to what my Trick is on Tricky I might as well show.

If you compare with   Tyler you can see that without my terrible ending I would have had him by a mile.

 PMD vs. Tyler

I always knew my ending on this run was weak and planned to come back to it eventually and reclaim the gold, but I might as well show now.

Remind me not to share any more tricks with   Xuzz

Oh, and there are a couple of other tricks possible here related to this one that are super hard, I have never successfully done them, but I think are possible. I have been close a couple of times.

Here is one possibility:

 PMD on Tricky

and how about connecting that with this:

 PMD on Tricky

Oh, and for the first time this is my designated Freestyle run. I have never marked one Freestyle before.
#8 Kristopher0:38,88
101 pts
ViewOpen; I don't think there is anything new here.
#9 Champ0:38,92
99 pts
#10 Alpha0:38,94
97 pts
The small hole where you have to pass with you hind wheel is actually smaller than I thought... Adds some challenge...
You Qi
very easy to get rid if you stuck in the hole you mention.

think and try again!
I don't think it's too easy, I die half of the time while trying to go up the wall to drop down again with enough speed to pass... But maybe that's just me. And your best time will be lost anyway if that happens...
You Qi
I used 1hour to discover the trick!
Er.. Is there a trick? I think there are only key zones to get a good time...
By the way... I've got a 'trick' in Level 17 from Standard Levels... that gave me 9 secs less.. Guess how I did it?
You Qi
You just make a flip at the 1st bridge after getting back and voila! correct?
That's right!
ffs... same time...
at first sight that is very "straight" level, and that's true. but there are about 7-8 key points.
very good work OrR.
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