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Time Trial Champions
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#141 dlifegrd713969.532 pts
(38.497 pts behind Song.Shang)
#142 Pio-Pvh3969.343 pts
(0.189 pts behind dlifegrd71)
#143edb853949.942 pts
(19.401 pts behind Pio-Pvh)
#144 RFKennedy453905.648 pts
(44.294 pts behind edb85)
#145 ashil3891.818 pts
(13.83 pts behind RFKennedy45)
#146 ackmondual3808.776 pts
(83.042 pts behind ashil)
#147Kuper3755.773 pts
(53.003 pts behind ackmondual)
#148 Ergo3753.7 pts
(2.073 pts behind Kuper)
#149MattWoods3719.61 pts
(34.09 pts behind Ergo)
#150 Sz3697.494 pts
(22.116 pts behind MattWoods)
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XKCD reminded me of BoD
That comic is hilarious!
Andrew A
OK - now the long drag to climb the mountain that is Mike.

But after that...
*drops monocle*

It would appear the crown has switched heads, excellent work Andrew!
Congratulations, Andrew!

I guess being at the top spot for 1463 days will have to do for now. I have a few points saved up, but the app locks up or quits when I try to submit.

Keep after it guys. I enjoy watching your excellent runs.
Andrew A
Thanks for that BB (sorry - rather belated), very generous spirited of you!

You held No1 for 4 Years and 3 days - Friday 25th May 2012 - Sunday 28th May 2016, when I just managed to sneak past you with a run on Leap of Faith. A fantastic achievement (your tenure, not my sneaking)!

I'm pretty sure you're not done yet once you have more time

How is the Triathlon-ing going?
Andrew A
Meant to ask - was the app locking up due to the latest iOs update? You appear to have it sorted now.

I'm still holding off installing it due to my usual paranoia about every update finally killing the game.
Andrew A
Apologies for triple post.

Friday 27th May - I took No1 with a run on Snake.

Can't even get my facts straight!
Andrew A
Apologies for triple post.

Friday 27th May - I took No1 with a run on Snake.

Can't even get my facts straight!
Wow. Andrew A, where on earth did you come from? I haven't logged in to this forum for years. In fact, I had an extremely difficult time logging in because I couldn't get into my super old gmail account to change my password. Yonkers! Anyone else playing this game still or is this a man show now?
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