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Moving to a new server

My website is moving to a new server - I will have to disable the submission for a while to ensure the database consistency. Sorry for inconvenience!

If my understanding of the DNS is correct, the new IP should work within one hour

[edit: if you are reading this, you are already accessing the new server - so you can disregard this news!]

Yay! So now the 404 errors are in English!
The only difference I see is a different background under the links at the top of the page.
yeah, i changed those ugly "tabs" a bit but this is not an upgrade, i just switched to another hosting.

btw. the new server is located in the U.S., i wonder if you see any difference in speed?
actually i do see a big speed improvement.
I don't see any speed difference; I'm on dial-up!
There's a huge speed improvement for me. I wrote a little page that will tell me all the dates for the gold medals, so I can see if any new golds have been taken. It used to take 5 minutes or more to load. Now it takes less than 30 seconds.
Get in to the 21st Century Kristopher.

My 12 year old doesn't even know what dial-up is.
just to let ya know when i updated my profile today to add a pic, i noticed i did not have my country/flag anymore. I went to change it and it gives ya a bunch of other non-flag options. thanx
Hey.. even with dial-up i found it is faster than before

Anyway, I'm here still in 20th century
Well actually, if nothing else is loading, the pages can occasionally load instantly (even when posting comments, so this is not cached ); they even load faster than pages on my localhost. But I do not get this speed if I have to load any images.
I wonder, how does that make pages load faster in Indonesia? Was the old server that slow?
The new server messes up the pictures in the levels.
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