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1. Shelf (2394)
5. Cactus (1409)
7. Hillz (1570)
 New Deal (2616)
 Old School (2249)
 BikeForce (1254)

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Newbie Pack
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#1 Kamirashi1792 pts
#2 Andrew A1792 pts
(0 pts behind Kamirashi)
#3 BikerBrian1781 pts
(11 pts behind Andrew A)
#4 mike flips1687 pts
(94 pts behind BikerBrian)
#5 Laser1684 pts
(3 pts behind mike flips)
#6 Gus1677 pts
(7 pts behind Laser)
#7 Shane1664 pts
(13 pts behind Gus)
#8 PMD1544 pts
(120 pts behind Shane)
#9 Tyler1532 pts
(12 pts behind PMD)
#10 Cirenco1514 pts
(18 pts behind Tyler)
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These levels are pretty easy and fun!
I'll be the leader until someone else beats Die or Die.
Just a suggestion to Sz: To save a bunch a trouble, before too many people play these, i would remove flip that flipper and snowstorm for sure, and maybe shelf as in just 3-4 days, they are already looking like bottle, except the latter, which may change soon.
Six new golds and I'm #2!!
2 More Golds (8 from 16 levels) and #1!!!
and after 2 days i take gold by 22 points..yayy ps. i lose my palm on monday prob for a few weeks so u can get medals back then...
no more palm for me...
I am sorry Vin. I dont know what it would be like to live without a palm for a while. Thats why I keep three backups. 3 Tapwave Zodiacs (one is my dads) and a tungsten T. That way I am never alone.
But do you take three Palms to school every day, like I do?
Btw, I look like I'm paying attention when playing Bike or Die on the WristPDA.
About Bottles... Shelf was obviously not planned, but for the other levels, as short as they are, they are not Bottles. Downhill Madness is proof that, even though 40 people can get similiar times, there will not be too many tied times. Please stop critizing the levels for being to short. That was the idea of this pack, since the idea of the Summer Pack was long levels. And although I didn't think the shortcut was possible on Cactus, it doesn't completely ruin this level, as it is still hard and there is not a definite, exact way to do it.
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