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2. Loop 1 (771)
3. Loop 2 (737)
4. Loop 3 (344)
6. Nose (394)
7. Cave 2 (425)
8. Tricky (303)
9. Fly! (389)
10. Sqare (375)
11. Bird (385)
12. Tatra (330)
 New Deal (2612)
 Old School (2249)
 BikeForce (1253)

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9. Fly!
in  OrR's Levels Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Andrew A0:16,34
121 pts
View16.24 anyone?

Slow start, so doable...
#2 Laser0:16,44
116 pts
ViewAnother Cirenco gold says farewell
#3 Cirenco0:16,54
112 pts
#4 ~nick~1110:16,60
109 pts
Viewyour wish is my command mike flips
#5 _alex_0:17,14
107 pts
#6 Vin0:17,20
105 pts
#7 Shane0:17,20
105 pts
#8 mike flips0:17,22
103 pts
#9 prince jon0:17,36
101 pts
Secrethaha gus
beat ya within the minute u got it
your movie helped
#10 Champ0:17,36
101 pts
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You Qi
dont think so.
Well done You Qi... Isn't difficult, is it? So, why nobody does it?
You Qi
yeah... weird... why nobody does it? and actually that was my 1st idea in mind also... and it's my second try only! I did it yesterday night and just wait until I completed all my level only post all of it up!
I've tried so many times but it always crashes me out just as I'm about to drop. The one time I did drop successfully I didn't pick up one flag for some reason - aaarghh!! What's the secret?
Maybe the small arrow sign scares everyone away...
You Qi
Bah!! I keep messing up the ending, I can't like flip off the rail (I started calling stuff you hook onto with one wheel rails, pick up my terminology )
Can I have a hint lol. When I hook on with my front wheel, I can't reach the end. When I hook on with my back wheel, I can't flip off the rail
i think noone will beat rachman on this level... 18.54 is great time.
i made 19.12 at first attempt to play this level. lol. still can not make time better... arghh
wow, MATA.
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