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2. Loop 1 (771)
3. Loop 2 (737)
4. Loop 3 (344)
6. Nose (394)
7. Cave 2 (425)
8. Tricky (303)
9. Fly! (389)
10. Sqare (375)
11. Bird (385)
12. Tatra (330)
 New Deal (2614)
 Old School (2249)
 BikeForce (1254)

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OrR's Levels Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#391 MCCUE29.891 pts
(0.164 pts behind iago)
#392ÿ≠ŸÖŸ29.86 pts
(0.031 pts behind MCCUE)
#393jumpnj8229.797 pts
(0.063 pts behind ÿ≠ŸÖŸ)
#394 tfg329.563 pts
(0.234 pts behind jumpnj82)
#395Mehal29.544 pts
(0.019 pts behind tfg3)
#396LP29.123 pts
(0.421 pts behind Mehal)
#397 n1k28.813 pts
(0.31 pts behind LP)
#398 Samuel R28.781 pts
(0.032 pts behind n1k)
#399swbrauer28.75 pts
(0.031 pts behind Samuel R)
#400infiniti28.675 pts
(0.075 pts behind swbrauer)
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texturized by   Xuzz!
@Sz, I downloaded the updated version of ORr's levels, but now it won't let me submit, can i have a little help
Me neither, the thing is this new version isn't recognized as HoF, in fact, the medal icons of the HoF packs is missing in this version, hope you get it solved soon.
To tell you the truth, I like most of the old non-textured versions better (no offense :/) Although tricky and loop 3 look fun
I tend to like all the origonal levels, and the old ones to look old. we NEVER should texturise OS.
ah, the previous texturization update was incorrect (file not marked as "Hall of Fame"), it should be okay now!
I cant submit my scores of OR levels now...someone could help me ???
Ceci, download the latest version of the pack and it should work. Sz just recently fixed the problem. Unfortunately you may not be able to use the runs you got with the old levelpack.

Good luck!
thanks BIKER T for your comment...that's all working now and I'm THE FIRST of my country in this levelpack ...and thanks SZ for the good work !!!
Andrew A
Well - finally scratched enough points together to take No1 in the level pack.

Never did quite manage the quickest way in Tatra - though came close a few times.

Will I be able to leave this pack alone now though? It's only a 7 point lead after all...
Great job, Andrew! Acquiring gold in a pack is a big deal requiring consistency on many levels, especially for a pack that has been around for so long.
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