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11. Everest
in  Winter Pack Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Andrew A0:48,92
121 pts
#2 Kenn0:49,08
116 pts
#3 BikerBrian0:49,42
112 pts
ViewPassing Mike on Everest gave me enough points to take gold in Winter Pack. Still room to improve, but the steep slopes to the finish flag are tough to negotiate, especially after a 45 sec effort just to get to that point.
#4 mike flips0:49,48
109 pts
#5 Kamirashi0:50,32
107 pts
#6 Laser0:50,48
105 pts
#7 Tyler0:51,02
103 pts
#8 _alex_0:51,30
101 pts
SecretDidn't notice i had this
#9 Gus0:51,44
99 pts
#10 casey0:51,56
97 pts
42 comments on 5 pages: <<<< 1 2 3 4 5 >>>>
The sky is the main issue for me, it could and should be bluish,and possibly even fade into a whiter color the higher it goes(more realistic). Also the mountain itself is not reaching its full potential. You could have moss,bushes or trees on the lowest part, and make it fade into the solid white a whole lot better than it presently does.
...pickle...seriously...really...I'm not going to say anything more here to you...but I am going to tell mike/Sz that it would be better and more visible on the website with a gray border .
Xuzz,what is your problem here? i am treating you as an equal, you are treating me like dirt...

your not even saying why my ideas don't make sense,your just saying
"...pickle...seriously...really...I'm not going to say anything more here to you..."
In other words, your saying I am stupid and don't know what I am talking about. your not even saying why a little foliage at the bottom, or better fading into the snow covered peak would be so bad. All ideas are supposed to be valued not just mike's and his pet.
And mike/sz read the forum like everyone else, your word is not going to make them do anything any more than them reading it here will. You do not control everything Xuzz, if I am thinking clearly(rare but it does in fact happen) This is what we were talking about earlyer on, when we said you had taken the position of "god" on this levelpack.
Strangly I agree with pickle on the texturizing thing (not really the god thing, although Xuzz, I sort have just jumped into this conversation, but it really seems that you are just dismissing Pickle's ideas). Compared to the other levels in this pack, (other than lazer tag) this one seems a little out of place. Most of the levels have already been retexturized (planet, bounce that(is it bounce that? i cant remember)) so why can't this level be redone?
Noooo... I'm procrastinating again
I was referring to: "Xuzz, just becuase you suck up to mike doesent mean the rest of us have to (Yes I did just say that...)" when I said "...pickle...seriously...really...I'm not going to say anything more here to you..." as I didn't want another flame war.
Pickle, your kinda starting a fight that could be avoided. He didn't really treat you like dirt he said it in a sarcastic way because you compared him to a kiss up to mike. And that was pretty harsh calling him mike's pet which is way meaner (more mean, w/e ) We shouldn't really fight over these things, but I think we could get more people's opinions on this. I'm going to be joining thedudeguy and Pickle's side on this, while looking at Xuzz's side too.

First off, I think this level is great, definately good for HoF. Although, the textures may not be as good as Planet or Bounce It, they're still pretty decent. They COULD be better, but it doesn't make as much of a difference. The level is beautiful already, but some adjustments could be made. Adding a blue outside that gradually raises to a whiter, grayer sky as you get to the top of the mountain would be great looking for the flash version, but it doesn't make as much of a difference in game. Adding a gray border to the top part of the mountain so you can see the ground a little better is also a great idea so you can see it better. The only problem I see with that is when you add the border and then extend it to the outside. It might look a little awkward having a grey line sticking out of the mountain.

So those are my opinions and I'm sticking to them.

PS @ dudeguy: I've been procrastinating for 6 hours...
hah, i stopped procrastinating just long enough to write my essay (yes, i'm a really fast typer (when I have spell check))
hey if you click on "Winter Pack" and go to page 2... look at the very small picture of Everest.
It appears to be highly texturized... and the bottom of the mountain looks 3D.
Is there a glitch that is preventing the texturing to show up?
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