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11. Everest
in  Winter Pack Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
Pages: 1...10 ...20 ...30 ...140 ...150 ...151
#1 Andrew A0:48,92
121 pts
#2 Kenn0:49,08
116 pts
#3 BikerBrian0:49,42
112 pts
ViewPassing Mike on Everest gave me enough points to take gold in Winter Pack. Still room to improve, but the steep slopes to the finish flag are tough to negotiate, especially after a 45 sec effort just to get to that point.
#4 mike flips0:49,48
109 pts
#5 Kamirashi0:50,32
107 pts
#6 Laser0:50,48
105 pts
#7 Tyler0:51,02
103 pts
#8 _alex_0:51,30
101 pts
SecretDidn't notice i had this
#9 Gus0:51,44
99 pts
#10 casey0:51,56
97 pts
42 comments on 5 pages: 1 2 3 4 5 >>>>
so am i the only one having ridic=ulous trouble with this level?
No, you are not the only one. Like I said earlier, a bounce off the wall to a cable car is not a trick for any novice (or even intermediate). It is also not easy to get back up on the level after picking up the 2nd flag. That is why the level moved from being 2nd or 3rd in the pack to near the end.

Weird, as Yuzz had no trouble with this .
Wait PMD after the second flag you don't turn around, you go forward into a portal...did you miss that or did I misread your post?

mike flips
LOL, no wonder!!!!!

PMD i think you are taking an extreme approach to this level...

To get onto the cable car, the bounce off the wall is not needed. Slow yourself down and you will find you dont even need to touch the wall and you can still up on the cable car. All you need to do is ride towards it and break and lean forwards, I can get up everytime, with or without bouncing off the wall. (Try this in the editor with the start point being where the first flag is.)

As for after the second flag... just keep riding. Theres a portal and the rest of the level is fun, fast, and easy.

Again, I think you are overthinking this level its really simple.

But we can definitely add a sign pointing to the right so that no one else gets confused after the second flag
I think I must have taken the extreme approach. However, the first two times I went through that portal after the second flag, it sent me falling down to the bottom not on to the wire like I now can see that it does. Not sure if it is just the angle I went through the portal or what.

Thanks for the help. I think Spence had some trouble too the first time he tried it. Maybe you are right Mike, just some friendly signs will do the trick.
mike flips
Glad to hear it is working better

This has to be my favourite level of the pack. Great job, Mike!
mike flips
Thanks Laser.
great level, but I found one problem when doing speed runs. Occasionally (more often than not) the portal on the cablecar catches my back wheel and sends my front wheel up with gravity. This kills the level when you only get past the start perfectly (for me) about 1/12 times and then after you finally make it there, you get killed 9/10 of the speed runs(again, in my standards) but i'm not exactly sure how to fix that, it mostly happens because you sort of bump up with the bike, maybe moving the portal up a little farther up the cablecar... but if it is to hard to do, it's not exactly nessecary, I'm just looking at the level in a speed point of view being that i'm trying to get better. Other than that it really is an awsome level.
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