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BikeForce Requires v1.5 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Kamirashi1435 pts
#2 Andrew A1419 pts
(16 pts behind Kamirashi)
#3 BikerBrian1391 pts
(28 pts behind Andrew A)
#4 Tyler1362 pts
(29 pts behind BikerBrian)
#5 mike flips1360 pts
(2 pts behind Tyler)
#6 Laser1340 pts
(20 pts behind mike flips)
#7 Shane1249 pts
(91 pts behind Laser)
#8 PMD1237 pts
(12 pts behind Shane)
#9 Mr.pickle.1231 pts
(6 pts behind PMD)
#10 casey1205 pts
(26 pts behind Mr.pickle.)
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Here we go!
wich one did kris make?
I cant download this till sad.....cause I gotta say,you definatly deliverd a knockout pack,a great opening for the textures I wont be suprised if half of these end up inhof,tho I doubt that all of them will like you siad.....but overall great job!!! your probly within the top 5 desingers now
Sorry, I didn't get around to making a level for this pack.
Then you name shall be wiped from the creator list this instant!
thats to bad,I wanted to compare a level with textures by you to a level with textures by mr.pi here.
Oh My!!! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about These levels look incredible!!
How the heck did you guys make these so fast??

I cannot believe how cool some of these look. How exciting!!
To think that the first pack made with the new design looks this good.
I wonder what else is on it's way. I must say.. very well done folks.

No, the first pack was my ugly one . And i think they just texturized what they had been working on?
Kris and Spence tested a lot even though they didn't do as much creating as me, so there names shall remain next to mine on this pack for all eternity or until the downfall of Palm.
The levels have been in development for three months. Read it again. Texturing began with the release of the Beta editor with textures half way through the Beta testing week. the only level yet to be added then was No Escape.

The pack went through 13 Alpha version, of which about a third to a half were tested by my associates, and one Beta before being released. (the reson I do Alpha/Beta is because the old version of BoD kept chucking me map mismatches)

BikeForce 2 has already begun, although I intend to make this much more quickly than this one.

Many of the levels were even smoother than they are now originally, but had to be jaggedized a bit when I hit the 998 vertex limit many times while texturing.

Glad you like these.

also, I will probably look in a few days at the problems you mention ond clear them up and release it again with all the fixes.
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