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BikeForce Requires v1.5 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Andrew A1432 pts
#2 BikerBrian1404 pts
(28 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 Tyler1377 pts
(27 pts behind BikerBrian)
#4 mike flips1372 pts
(5 pts behind Tyler)
#5 Laser1350 pts
(22 pts behind mike flips)
#6 Shane1261 pts
(89 pts behind Laser)
#7 Kamirashi1257 pts
(4 pts behind Shane)
#8 PMD1249 pts
(8 pts behind Kamirashi)
#9 Mr.pickle.1240 pts
(9 pts behind PMD)
#10 casey1212 pts
(28 pts behind Mr.pickle.)
79 comments on 8 pages: <<<< 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>>>
well im back,I worked around 7 hours of the trip and a little in beetween....
all in all,I HAD 3 gold times,wich all exept one have been beatenhopefully no one will beat the last one.....(I am not saying wich one it is)
in the meantime I will try to re-take the ones I had...
Top 5 in all the BikeForce levels (at least for a few hours)
that puts me at 6th,not top 5 like I wanted,but I will have a larger submit on wensday...
wow I have gone out of top 10 agian,I will have to work a little this week and get back up to top 7 or so....
Pickle, I'd be happy to point out each time you drop out of the top 10
brian,your getting on my nerves arent I threatenning?(I doubt it since I say that kinda stuff all the time.....)
4 more times to improve here,then I wilstart to move on too supernatural maby....idk maby not,my rank wont last long here this is still a new pack so,I gess il have to stay here a while longer....
ya know what,me and brain only have a 58 point difference in this pack.....that means that by playing this pack to pass him will not evan move me up one rank in total ttc,so I am going to work this pack for another week or so,then move on to a different,one so I can start catching up to spence and brian...(why do I always feel I must revele all my evil plans.......)
Carl China
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