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7. Bike or Pi
in  BikeForce Requires v1.5 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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#1 Kamirashi0:50,28
121 pts
ViewGot the best possible beginning and just played the rest of the level really safe.
#2 Andrew A0:50,78
116 pts
ViewGave it a few more goes...
#3 Spence0:50,90
112 pts
ViewI definitely get better when I dont play
#4 Mr.pickle.0:51,22
109 pts
ViewMy first gold is mine again, even tho it is only one gold after about 5 months I am good I gess...This can still go down around 3 seconds I think,my run has lotsa mistakes.
#5 BikerBrian0:51,30
107 pts
#6 Tyler0:52,90
105 pts
#7 Shane0:53,14
103 pts
#8 Kristopher0:53,58
101 pts
#9 Lee0:54,10
99 pts
Viewthat's better
#10 Laser0:54,58
97 pts
26 comments on 3 pages: <<<< 1 2 3
I think it's a fine alternative route; the right side of the map is used in the "Pi Back" double feature edition.
At least until somebody figures out a way to jump through the gap on that one I would say it would be impossible, but "impossible" things have been done here before.
I personally think it IS possible, if just because of a fluke run i had that almost made it (If i had rotated the bike, I think i would have ). But only time will tell.
mike flips
Either way, the general difference is that for Steps, nobody saw it coming at all. Whereas for this level it was CLEARLY obvious people would try to take the shortcut. The same for So Close... I kept asking for more mines because I knew it could be jumped and yet it was finalized without enough mines.

Although it does also depend on timing as well. Way back, when Underground was made, I bet nobody ever thought of jumping the mines. Therefore it wouldn't be a design flaw. But if Underground was submitted now, jumping the mines is the first thing anyone would do so it would now be considered a design flaw.
I'm sorry. The rigorous design process worked against me here, because I went through various different mine orientations before I accidentally removed all of the mines. I did propose a second draft to Sz, but he said it was best not to change the rules of the competition once it has started. I personally do think this ruins the level, especially as the drop is quite difficult to achieve.
@mike: the mines were jumped within 3 weeks on underground
mike flips
@xuzz, at the time NOBODY even considered that as a possibility, everyone is much more aware of what and what can not be done now.
Carl China
@Xuzz:I saw I got 4 golds and 2 silvers(In China).
just got 55, missed bout 2/3 secs on my ending X(
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