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Freestyle Parade (Accepting submissions)
Freestyle Parade
Accepting submissions
Unlike other Freestyle categories, this one will be never closed. Just a place to show off your skills. No rules.

The game you submit to "Freestyle Parade" is also displayed in your profile.
9 games awaiting your vote!

Score: 77.301%


on LaserTag

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Score: 67.622%


on Bounce That

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Score: 66.102%


on FBI: Hidden Lair

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Score: 59.012%


on Sticky Situation

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Score: 58.333%


on Planet

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Chill Kenn. If there was a cynical group of BoD players, they would conspire to bring down Mike, not you. I think the reason you don't have gold for the moment is a result of the way the voting works. Chris' game is new I think. Not that it isn't fun to watch, but it doesn't compare (nor do any other runs that have been submitted) to your lasertag run. After a few more days when people catch up with their voting, I'm sure you'll be back on top.
Thanks alot brain...........
Lol being random =)
lol I was just surprised at how long I kept at 100% even when 2nd place was at 64%

I didn't mean to imply that there actually was a cynical group of BoD players that would conspire to keep me away from having an all gold profile, I just thought it would be a little funny if there was
I don't know how I was ever beating you kenn your run was absolutly amazing.
@Brian- What ever happened to conspiring against Mike? Ah, those were the days...

how are score percentages calculated in freestyle?
Not sure, but obviously it ends up whichever game has the most people voting the highest mark is in 1st. Altho I dont have any idea how it gets a percentage when we arnt voting on a 1 to 10 scale or anything..
The votes aren't on a scale of 1 to 10 or *officially* 1 to 5, but the way I suppose it works is that those 5 bubbles really are 1 to 5 and it averages the percentage based on figuring Excellent to be 100% and scaling down 25% per ranking so you have the following:

Excellent: 100%
Good: 75%
Average: 50%
Poor: 25%
Bad: 0%
Perhaps we could revive the freestyle parade while we are at this spring revival bisness?
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