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Freestyle Parade (Accepting submissions)
Freestyle Parade
Accepting submissions
Unlike other Freestyle categories, this one will be never closed. Just a place to show off your skills. No rules.

The game you submit to "Freestyle Parade" is also displayed in your profile.
9 games awaiting your vote!

Score: 77.284%


on LaserTag

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Score: 67.619%


on Bounce That

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Score: 66.102%


on FBI: Hidden Lair

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Score: 59.012%


on Sticky Situation

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Score: 58.333%


on Planet

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78 comments on 8 pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>>>
Isn't it spelled "excellent"?
ah yes, of course, it should be "excellent" not "excelent"! thank you!
I thought there is a new levelpack released while i opened the toyspring homepage. But i was wrong Anyway.. this freestyle is much better than the old one and overall the new face of this website is great. I love the details if we click on one's profile. It can show you the best rank he/she get, mentioned about the medals they had and so on. Good job sz.

I really eagerly wait for the new levelpack and also the new BoD 2.0
i can't wait for the new freestyle competitions!!
wOOt w00t 3rd for the moment in parade my only medal/trophy...
I just set myself back into last place with a new entry.
My game is in last place...but it is just my first BoD game ever!
hey sz,lee(I think it was lee,sorry if i'm wrong)

Just thinking - we could have categories for this competition - like "ridiculous leaps of faith that worked", or "just how fast can you go in a confined space?", or "who can compress their bike the most without it expoloding?"

and sz said that was what he had planned and that the categories were "perfect".

and I was thinking,what if onece a year we have a "face off"or "Ultamate Freestyle" where all the winners of the year go agianst each other,and then this gold(also silver and bronz)could be added permanatly to your profile.

and after a few years, who knows?maby a "Supreme Freestyle"would be cool.

what do you think?
Sounds a bit competetive to me... and anything that excludes new people from getting a chance to strut their stuff is a bit unfriendly... I think open competitions are the best way forward.
the ttc is a form of compitition is it not? without competition this game would not be half as fun! competition makes things much more fun,and if you lose a competition it drives you to get better and enter the next time!
as for exluding newer people,all the other freestyle categories would still be open I mean its not like this would be the only one and if you have only played for a week you cant ever do a freestyle,this would be just another awsome part of bod!
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