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Freestyle Parade (Accepting submissions)
Old Freestyle
on 5 May 2008
These are the winners of the old Freestyle Competition.
87 games on 18 pages: 1 2 3 ... 16 17 18 >>>>

Score: 100%


on Pipe Universe

→ game link

Score: 63.031%


on Underground

→ game link

Score: 38.567%


on Downhill Madness

→ game link
Score: 33.478%


on Cablecar

→ game link
Score: 25.263%


on The Right Way

→ game link
Yes definetly change the rules, i would say more than 5 levels to vote, maybe only top 200 vote? or something like that to avoid ghost users
Oh, so what you say is that us, that bought the game and like making new levels and playing them, have no right to vote? So we are suppose to submit 5 lame runs to get this right? This would just add to the number of lame free style runs there are now. I like building new levels and letting my friends play them. I don't feel I should submit a run if it is not good. I also can tell a good free style from a lame one, so why should I not be allowed to vote on the one I like? I think to make it fair, do not use a vote but a rating level. So everyone can rate each level on a scale of 1 to 10 the level that receives the highest avg. rating is #1 and the order of submissions should be reversed so that the new submissions are on the first page. This way all of the submissions get seen and rated.
i meant only ppl having more than 5 completed levels (time trial) from standard levels should be allowed to vote
im goin for #1... big cheese with more than 40 flips, check it out!
no, i think u should hav to be in the top 250... top 200 is 2 strick(im 66, YES!)
You Qi
You Qi
and btw, if using JudgeDredd idea, then we can submit maybe a few freestyles. coz when made a new freestyle, I have no idea to post it except from cancelling my current freestyle.
I'm with You Qi and Judge Dredd on this one. It's an excellent idea. The only prob I can see if one ride gets voted once as a ten won't it go automatically top?
Is their a new level pack out soon?
Dags, not if the advrage was based on the number of people that have voted instead of just the number of people who voted for that ride.

Example: 5 rides submitted. 25 people rank the rides from 1 to 10. This means that there are 250 votes available. Ride "A" has 3 people that rank the ride at 6 points each. Ride "B" has 5 people that rank the ride at 4 points each. Ride "C" has 2 people that rank the ride at 10 points each. Ride "D" has 10 people that rank the ride at 5 points each. Ride "E" has 5 people that rank the ride at 2 points each.

Ride A would have (3*6/250 =) 7.2%
Ride B would have (5*4/250 =) 8%
Ride C would have (2*10/250=) 8%
Ride D would have (10*5/250=) 20%
Ride E would have (5*2/250=) 4%

Or something like this.
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