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Freestyle Parade (Accepting submissions)
Old Freestyle
on 5 May 2008
These are the winners of the old Freestyle Competition.
87 games on 18 pages: <<<< 1 2 3 ... 16 17 18
mike flips
Me too, Lee.
I agree to.

my solution would be:
make it so thers a new contest every week/month/year/ect..
so that all votes are erased and we have to vote agin and maby evan erase all the games and let the AcTIVE players re-pic there new/old/favoate game I making sence?
if no one responds to this ill start a new thread in ideas for it so more people will see it,I just want the freestile to be fun agin...
sorry I dident finish my thought,that way the old underground game will not have to always be on top(its not that great any more) ,I just think a fresh start on the freestyle would be alot of fun.
gess noboy read that.....any thoughts on thos ideas tho^^^up there
ok I gess ill just flat out ask,has anyone red my Idea up there^^^^^^^?
Sz had a different idea to redo the Freestyle competition, and I have a third idea: allow unlimited votes from each player, but only let them vote once for each game. Sz knows this Freestyle competition has been rigged almost since Bike or Die! came out, he just hasn't changed it yet.
well I would think that with all the new features its time to fix itno matter wich idea he pics he should clear all the present games and let active players play.
What ever happened to bringing back freestyle?
@Sz: #9-10 aren't displayed!?!?
Mr Floss
I'm pretty sure that my race in Malyz under Mr Floss1 beat out the other Malyz races... Although it can get a tiny bit boring after my first couple of tricks. I had never even watched these races until this evening... top 5??? I don't know, you'll have to watch it I guess...
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