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#1 Andrew A1730 pts
#2 Vega1719 pts
(11 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 Kamirashi1605 pts
(114 pts behind Vega)
#4 Champ1579 pts
(26 pts behind Kamirashi)
#5 mike flips1559 pts
(20 pts behind Champ)
#6 BikerBrian1535 pts
(24 pts behind mike flips)
#7 PMD1480 pts
(55 pts behind BikerBrian)
#8 Laser1468 pts
(12 pts behind PMD)
#9 Shane1436 pts
(32 pts behind Laser)
#10 Tyler1401 pts
(35 pts behind Shane)
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Note: this levelpack will be added to the Hall of Fame shortly (perhaps after some adjustments). See also:  Sweet Fifteen, New Deal, and THEN...
Time to clean house 'round here.
wow... the first ever vega submit I've ever seen... Kudos to your sweeping submit! *whispers to self* Yes, I actually was able to use the word kudos! *Whisper whisper whisper*

P.S. when I wrote Whisper three times it first came out as Whisper shipsper wiwser... FYI
Andrew A
Wow Dude...

Calm down.

You're beginning to make me look like a sensible, considered, elder statesman.


Don't remember seeing you at the party, but my bro in law throws wicked parties (this connects with another thread...

check the forum - it should make sense - kinda...).

But, yea.

A Vega post is pretty rare these days.

It was all too often, back in the day for most peoples comfort.

Oh vega, you and your dramatic submits,lol Makes it all so much more exciting!
So now you just have 3 ,more packs to take back your leading position on Thats my personal hope anyways, of course if you were to start playing a newer level...hmm...then things would really begin to get interesting.
So Vega, did you dust off your Palm, or did you get those times on an iPod? Just wondering.

You know there is some green field out there for you with level packs you have never played. Could be fun.
dusted off plam. literally.

as for level packs i haven't played, well i don't have room for any more replays on my palm. i keep having to manage my saved games by deleting certain ones to make room for more since i am saving to internal memory only. i bought a 4 GB card, but it didn't work. then mike flips told me that its because the phone doesnt accept more than 2 gb. brilliant of them to limit it like that eh? losers.

so anyways... yah man i am straight 'old school'. i still have the stick man only app, no texture of any kind. the last app i downloaded from the site was back in like 2006 when ghost bike became available.
Vega does your phone take sd or mini sd cards? I have a 500MB sd card still from the phone which no longer works, not much but about 6 times the memory built into a treo(if I remember correctly). I have no use for it, could mail it to you if you want it.
Can you send it to me electronically, through email or maybe a file sharing site?
*Pickle sits staring at computer trying to figure out if Vega is making a joke or being serious*

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