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10. Can You Bike Right?
in  Next Generation Requires v1.4
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#1 BikerBrian0:18,72
121 pts
#2 bikerGeorge0:18,72
121 pts
#3 Gyugyu0:18,88
116 pts
#4 Andrew A0:18,88
116 pts
#5 Vega0:18,92
112 pts
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#6 Andrasaron0:19,14
109 pts
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#7 mike flips0:19,28
107 pts
#8 Champ0:19,40
105 pts
#9 Kamirashi0:19,42
103 pts
#10 Deni0:19,44
101 pts
11 comments on 2 pages: <<<< 1 2
forgot to say...MY LEVEL
Bones - I told you I would add the mines and then I never heard back from you so I assumed it was ok. Big deal if you can finish it after you pass the flag. Who on the planet earth would want to keep that as their best time if they miss the flag, then somehow land it and then go back up to finish. It's not worth it man. It won't even make a good freestyle. I think something up there is a good idea because the way the flag is positioned causes you to fly past it way too often and it's very annoying to wait to die. (you normally land all the way down by the start point)Yes it's YOUR level bones, but we modified lots of levels in the hall. I was only trying to help out. Not sure why you want a bunch of players to waste their time flying through the air waiting to die so they can restart

besides all that.... don't the bombs look real nice
there are many average playes who wouldnt mind completing a game and then beating it later
bones...I don't agree. I want to see what others have to say about this. It doesn't matter who made the level. There is no point to have this open ended sky at the top where you fly through the air and spin and crash (90+% of the time you will crash if you miss the flag). You will probably fly over it not under and you almost always have too much speed and will fly over everything else too and into the ditch on the far right. The purpose of this course is not to try to land after mistakenly passing the flag. What does everyone else think?
I personally like flying - and you can always hit the top right of the screen to restart(on a treo anyway) - I do that all the time...
Don't think it's worth delaying the pack any further though! Let the games begin
Ya know the more I think about it the more I realize I don't really care. I would keep the bombs (obviously ) if it were up to me. I think flying is fun too but I can fly on other levels on purpose without accidentally doing it here. I don't quite understand why you are being a stickler about improvement changes to your levels bones. But anyway I agree with Ibanez. Can You Bike Right? is a good level w/ or w/out those bombs so it's not worth holding anything up for. Do what you will and let the games begin indeed!!
mike flips
Im a genious...

Instead of mines, turn them into flags. That way, the people who are flying are happy, cuz they get to both fly, and beat the level. And the people who like the challenge of a fast time will be able to aim for the right flag to get the fast time and even if they miss, they will still beat the level.

Bones your concern was people beating the level with any time even if its not fast - this meets that concern.

Vega doesnt want people to fly around, so the extra row of finish flags meets that requirement.

Its kinda cool, theres the beginner and advanced route. It allows you to beat the level and just move on, or practice to get the extra second.

Just make sure the bottom new flag would be high enough up that no one could short cut the level.
That's genious for sure Mike I love it!

See my replays here. I will send this version to Sz so he can replace it with this one if that's ok with you bones

http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=Can%20You%20Bike%20Right
love it with the flags it is perfect cause you wont be too far behind because you can go faster when you want to fly. mike you are grnius
obviously it dident work
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