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#1 Andrew A1730 pts
#2 Vega1719 pts
(11 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 Kamirashi1607 pts
(112 pts behind Vega)
#4 Champ1579 pts
(28 pts behind Kamirashi)
#5 mike flips1559 pts
(20 pts behind Champ)
#6 BikerBrian1535 pts
(24 pts behind mike flips)
#7 PMD1478 pts
(57 pts behind BikerBrian)
#8 Laser1468 pts
(10 pts behind PMD)
#9 Shane1436 pts
(32 pts behind Laser)
#10 Tyler1401 pts
(35 pts behind Shane)
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Note: this levelpack will be added to the Hall of Fame shortly (perhaps after some adjustments). See also:  Sweet Fifteen, New Deal, and THEN...
mike flips
the order of the pack shouldnt be easiest to hardest. Look at the ending, batman, pirates, king kong... if somone can not beat pirates or kong, then they will never even get to the last level. We need it to be generally easiest to hardest with a few of the easier levels put randomly into the harder 7 levels.

and jive in the 5 has to be level 5
jive in the five should be five but it wouldnt be the worst if it wasnt. im sure sz didnt mean to put the order like this as well. he probably did something by accident and wola!this order occured.
p.s. sz if im wrong just make a new one and go with it
p.p.s. does everyone find coal miner rescue really that hard?i never had trouble with it.....except with making it
Also I wanted to make a suggestion that is not super important but it's a preference of mine so I thought I'd throw it out there to see if it's ok. I always kinda thought Superman should be the first level bcuz it really kick starts the pack with a charge very well. Just my opinion if it's ok with you Sz.
mike flips
The levels are just sorted right now by difficulty, i dont think that it is the final order of levels...

Superman is the best for the first level.
mike flips
except the levels arent in order anymore because i rated the difficulty and that changed everything a little bit
What about this order?

Basically there are no super difficult levels back to back.

*CYBR is between Mario and Pirates
*Batman is sandwiched between Pirates and KK (Batman is much easier to complete)
*So Close... is between KK and CMR, plus I kinda like So Close, Yet So Far as second to last before CMR, because you are so close to the end, yet have so far because you still have to do CMR

I just wanted to suggest this order... if this doesn't jive with everyone (escpecially Sz), then please just consider this a suggestion

1 Superman Returns
2 Ice Skating
3 Mike's Level
4 Ribbon
5 Jive in the Five
6 FBI: Hidden Lair
7 Puzzle
8 50M Swim
9 Mario 1-1
10 Can you Bike Right?
11 Pirates of the Caribbean
12 Batman Begins
13 King Kong
14 So Close, Yet So Far
15 Coal Miner Rescue

i like it except i would switch 6 and 7
Switching FBI and Puzzle is fine with me. Let's see what Sz thinks
great news!! i wil be able to send my version of ice skating to sz my palm worked for a minute earlier(it doesnt work now it keeps resetting) and during that minute i put ice skating on my carrd so i know have that version i made. i will send to sz tonight but i realized i only have vega's consent for it being good for hof. what does everyone else think. there is replay of it on the movie site. let me know so that i can email(or nor) sz.
no problem - the sequence will be changed.

and i don't need the coal mine level recording anymore (kristopher has sent me one for testing - thanks!)
so basicaly i could enable the hall of fame anytime now.

except for the alternate version of "ice skating" - should i wait for the bones' version? (btw this level could be made more interesting if the player was forced to brake at the end, perhaps i will make my own version )
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